Nostalgia in an aging box

aging mind

Happiness is an attitude…”- Francis Reigler

4:30 pm show at Inox; popcorn and Coke; ticket for two.
Let me correct you before you think it’s a day out with my boyfriend.
The person accompanying me was my client. I am a Care Manager for a 79 year old widower, whose married children stay abroad. Mr. Saha is a very nice man who has taught me how to stay happy.
Among 27 clients of mine, I find him the most cheerful person. He sometimes shares his memories of his family when his children were young and his wife was alive. But he knows that time cannot be re-written for him. So he moves on; lives his life.
Mr. Saha has a hobby. He collects and preserves everything that he feels has left a mark.
After that movie, I met him on my next visit to his place. I took him for his routine check-up to a clinic near his home. We returned after lunch and he asked me to wait for few minutes as he had to share something with me. I wondered what it could be when he brought a box full of memories. The box was full and a tie, a card and a pair of knitting pins was all I could see at a glance on the top.
Mr. Saha then told me that pair of knitting pins were his wife’s, the tie was his son’s that he wore at his first job, the card was given to him by one of his colleagues on retirement and they were many more. The ticket to our movie together has found a place in his collection box too. This surprised me.
“Who knows maybe these are the tickets to my last movie”, said Mr. Saha, looking into his box full of his memories. These words touched my heart and that moment I felt my job wasn’t just a job. And my clients are not just clients-they are family to me now. I feel responsible for their happiness the same way I do for my elderly parents back home.
It is compassion that the elderly need, not just care.

Based on true stories

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