Counselling for Academic Underachievement For Children

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Academic underachievement is a common problem in children nowadays. Academic underachievement can be described as child’s role in cognitive, intellectual inabilities, academic, psychological disorder and behavioral field. This problem often occurs in middle school when kids get lot of homework and they start planning and taking decisions on their own. It is very important to identify the underachiever’s areas of interest as well as strength. Usually, people think kids who are intelligent will always do well in school but who prefers to play interesting games rather than doing school homework or assignments, are unlikely to fare better than their counterparts.

The children who are not academically focused face many problems with their teachers, peers and also parents. They often get frustrated because they cannot keep up with school work. They get hard time from both the teachers and parents. They are often punished and threatened with further harsh behavior if they don’t improve their grades.


Punishing them is not the solution. It has been observed that the children do not deliberately under achieve. They usually have pertinent reason for that-


  • Sluggishness- Some students are too lazy to find a proper time for their studies. They just sleep all time and end up with last minutes preparation. Such students usually fails or they managed to pass on an average marks.
  • Inadequate study time- Sometimes, students waste their time in playing and at the end they don’t get enough time to study.
  • Family issue- Family problems can definitely harm the student’s academic profile. This leads to depression and tensions.
  • Doubt – Doubt is the huge reason that causes underachievement in childhood.
  • Introvert- Usually, introverts don’t get their expected marks because they feel shy to clear their doubt and that causes underachievement in academics.
  • Improper Study schedule- Students who do not have study timetable, it’s like they have no direction in life. This often leads to average performance in academics.
  • Lack of confidence – the parents and teachers should both work together to build up confidence in a child
  • Friend circle- Your kid’s academic performance depends on the friends he/she keeps. He/she might be affected negatively




It is better to take your child to a counsellor for a behavioral therapy for children to sort out the problem.

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