8 must have gifts for your aging parents

care for elderly parents

Every holiday season, I am stumped trying to figure out what gift to buy for my parents. My father is in his 80’s and my mother is in her 70’s. Everything they want, they already have or they don’t want anything at all. That’s no help when you are running out of ideas and their birthdays are round the corner. If you have aging parents, you have probably been in a similar situation. So, I wracked my brain and came up with a few things that aging parents might appreciate.

    1. Take your parents out with you to eat. Include the grandkids. The relationship between grandparents and grandchild is a unique one. Older people love living with their grandchildren. Order their favourite food or take them to a place where they can have a simple but delectable meal. Your aging parents probably don’t go out much. This will be a pleasant change.


    1. If your old mother or father likes doing crosswords, get them a dictionary that is meant exclusively for crosswords. There are such dictionaries and no, these are not expensive. May need a little hunting though.


    1. A photo calendar made exclusively for them would bring them joy 365 days a year. Have pictures of all the family, from the oldest to the youngest, printed out and made into a calendar. Include extended family. Old parents love being reminded of family and the good old days.


    1. If your dad was an active gardener and cannot take the strain of gardening anymore,follow the steps to gardening in old age or consider hiring a professional gardener who will come twice or thrice a week and take care of his plants. After all, he doesn’t want those plants to die. He tended to them like they were his children for as long as he could.


    1. If your parents are into history, find them someone who will talk to them and record their memories. Later, their accounts can be published as books or memoirs or even blogs. It doesn’t have to be paperback. It’s the thought that counts.


    1. Do you remember way back when, your mother was recovering from a surgery and had expressed the desire that you make aloo parathas for her. Well, it is time you learn how to make those things. She cooked and fed you for a large part of both your lives. Gift them a home cooked meal with a dollop or two of love.


    1. If your parent is widowed and lives alone in the house, think of hiring an attendant who can drop in a few times a week or every day of the week to run errands for them. This way, you’ll be making sure that your parent is well looked after in your absence. Also, the attendant can give your aging parent company when they feel lonely.


    1. Finally, give them the gift of your company. Drop in whenever you can. Drop in when they least expect it. This is sure to bring a smile to their faces. Always remember, there is nothing they want more than to be with you and feel loved by you.


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