4 Reasons Why Technology is Important for the Elderly?

We live in a world that is largely dependent upon digital and the dynamism of technology. Especially, if you keep in mind that we are living in a pandemic that affected the world, we were able to come to terms with the fact that the need for such advancements half only escalated.


When it comes to analysing the relationship between the senior citizens and technological advancement, an individual often find themselves to be particularly perplexed about the same. In case you’re wondering about why this happens, taking a simple look at how frustrated the elderly people at home feel regarding having to adapt to technological advancement will provide you with your answer.

We completely understand the amount of trouble that an elderly person goes through while trying to cope with the dynamism of the digital and the technological world. All the senior citizens invariably have to go through an intense process of unlearning and learning again.


We all know that elderly people have a proclivity for suffering from an intense amount of loneliness. While a section may think that there is no cure to this, we would beg to differ. In fact, one of the most celebrated benefits that technological advancements can offer to the elderly is being able to stay connected with their near and dear ones.

  • Staying Connected to Friends and Family: Once an elderly person is properly introduced to the technological world, they can seamlessly keep in touch with their friends and families. In this realm, it will be essential to point out that simple devices such as tablets or smartphones that come with larger operation keys, icons are generally their favourites (due to visionary troubles). It is no rocket science that when intensified loneliness hits still, you tend to suffer more. While the technological world does not provide real-time connection, the virtual world somewhat helps in reducing the effects of the malady.
  • Fighting Depression: As per studies, loneliness induces depression. Quite a several elderly people have been able to combat their loneliness after introducing them to technology. They are now accustomed to texting, calling, or video chatting with people. This substantially lessens depression and ensures a happy comment healthy life of a senior that they deserve.

The next most important thing that technological advancement helps the elderly is combat is security issues. The question that now automatically comes to one mind is that what can be done about this? Well, the answer is simple.

  • Monitoring Everyday Movements: Personal monitoring devices monitor an ageing adult through the day and night. With the help of these devices, one can easily keep an eye on the daily activities of a senior citizen, thereby preventing them from meeting with undue accidents.
  • Security Issues: Technology can prevent the elderly from security threats. This prevention primarily happens what does help off the message that the family members instantly receive when anything untoward is noticed. Furthermore, by simply pressing a button a senior citizen can call got for help. Needless to mention that the inauguration of wireless home security systems, which can easily be connected to the family members’ prevent ageing people from fraudulent threats or theft/robbery, or other unpleasant experiences.

After retiring from their respective services, the senior citizens feel an invariable void that often results in depression. This void comes from the perpetual feeling of not having anything ‘substantial’ to do around the day. Guess what? Technology can take care of this realm, too.

Thanks to the several hobbies and easily downloadable game applications, not only keep them busy but equally entertained.

  • Nurturing Hobbies: Cultivating one’s hobbies is one of the chief reasons behind introducing the elderly to the digital and technological world. With the help of technology, they can watch movies, listen to their favourite music and watch small clips on YouTube. Not only this, they can simply scroll through social media platforms to discover new things every day.
  • Playing Games: Furthermore, some ageing citizens have a penchant for playing games. These games help their brains stay active and heart gleeful!
  • Daily News: With the help of technology and the Internet the elderly people can get the news of what is happening around the world. This connection with the world outside provides them with a sense of relevance, which is essential for healthy ageing.

Finally, let us acknowledge that technology has been playing a gigantic role in the post-Covid world. It is only natural that the elderlies have now become more susceptible to the disease due to immunity issues. Thus, they should stay indoors and get everything to their doorstep!

  • Grocery, Medicines and Luxury: If an elderly person has the right applications downloaded to their smart devices, they can simply scroll through the applications and order the essential groceries, medicines and other essential/ luxury items.
  • Emergency Care: The right kind of contacts and the introduction to technology can also ensure emergency care for the elderly. Something they need more often than the younger generation and the adults like SOS phones, GPS trackers and others. A common saying preaches, “better safe than sorry” and technology offers the senior citizens unparalleled safety.

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