Dealing with the Older Child

Old-Age and Dependency:

As they age, elderly people tend to become dependent upon their family and friends. Their reduced mental peace and deteriorating health are factors leading to such a situation. In fact, many of them turn into the new child of the house, who require to be looked after and cared for quite a bit. An older child- the senior citizen residing in your family, and beyond need love, care, and patience.


While we understand that it might become stressful for those who are tending to elderly people, it is important to understand that it is not easy for them either. It is common for the elderly to encounter unexpected issues in this phase of their life. Often, they suffer from a blend of both physical and mental health problems which aren’t always in our control. However, it is necessary to be aware of how to provide the best care for them so that they age healthy and live happily.


This blog shall together explore the most crucial factors that we believe one should ideally keep in mind while trying to meet the needs of the older child.

Six ways to care for the older child:
1. Visit them often: 

Catching a glimpse of the near and dear ones can fill an elderly person’s heart to the brim! Thus, if you’re not staying with the older child already, visiting them is really important for their general well-being. Furthermore, it facilitates social interaction and provides scope for understanding if they are doing well. While you pay a visit, it is best to note the general condition of their living space, check upon their food habits, and address the problems they are facing. Also, daily check-ups on their mails, bills, and food are important.

2. Keep an eye on their medications: 

We all are aware of how frequently the older child tends to fall sick, in most cases. Thus, they should routinely go for regular check-ups with the doctor. If you are taking care of an older child, remember that monitoring if they take their medications on time, and if the prescriptions are refilled or altered as required, is also mandatory. Furthermore, it is also important to remain alert about the side effects of the medicines they are taking and to seek emergency help if anything seems a tad odd.

Please also note that for their medicines, it is best to organize them according to time and days of the week so that they do not get confused while taking them. This reduces the risk factor of taking wrong medicines and hence, proves to be simpler and easier for the old people to manage their doses.

3. Hire help:

The situation does not always allow the family to take care of their loving old ones, in such cases, hiring a nurse or a caretaker is the wisest way to go about it. They would look after the needs and chores of the elders. If no one whom you know personally and trust is available for this responsibility, it is necessary to have a background check upon the person you are hiring, and the agency you are hiring from.

Please check through references, and always go for a licensed agency of service providers. The budget is also to be kept in mind, but the most important thing is that they bond and trust each other.

4. Modify their surroundings in the house, age-proof them:

This not just allows for a change in the ambience that can lift their mood, this also saves them from the probability of injury. Installing a ramp or walkers; handrails in the shower, kitchen and toilet; smoke detectors and bright lighting in the house are some of the ways you can age-proof their living space. Having non-skid mats, removing unnecessary rugs and wires and clutters are important too. With increasing age, they require to be looked after more closely.

5. Ensure activity and social life to them:

Having a social life helps keep elderly people happy. Engaging them in a new hobby, going on vacations and walks, talking to friends and family are some of the ways to ensure that they are involved. Keeping their mind occupied in various productive works not just enhances the mental health of the elderly, but also improves their vital bodily functions. Try to prevent them from isolation and depression. It is also common for them to drift away into silence especially if they do not have their family and friends around them. Ensure daily exercise and community gatherings. Usually, these improve the functioning of an aged body and mind, but even apart from these the old people need to feel that they are wanted, loved, and cared for. It is most important to let them know that they matter.

6. Ensure balanced and healthy meals:

Supply food items that they love to have, but also keep in mind that their ageing self needs a certain amount of nutrients and supplements that help them live healthily. They may or may not be cooking for themselves but it is important to look after their diet. It is best to get a doctor-prescribed diet, this would prevent the onset of any chronic diseases or at least cause less suffering. It is important to feed them well and on time- so one way to go about it would be to arrange for a meal delivery option or hire a trusted cook.


Ageing is difficult for the elders as well as for those who tend to them. Families and friends remain at times, but mostly it gets very lonely at the close of life. So, all we can do is to have fun and laugh heartily along with the older children so that they can have a tonne of merry moments to look back at and smile. It is the responsibility of the close ones to keep them content and satisfied with their existence. Make all the moments count with your loved ones!


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