Devices to Keep Handy for Elderly at Home

We all are aware of the fact that we live in an era that has been witnessing constant development in the technological field. These developments are further making life easy for us, with our diverse quotidian needs. While the elderly people are not particularly acquainted with all these advancements and their nuances, the role of technology benefits them in more ways than one. In this blog, we shall together have a look at the devices we think you should keep in handy if you have senior citizens staying with you.

As people age, they undergo a range of physiological changes. While their health declines, healthcare requirements increase. Here, it will be imperative to mention that certain safety devices can easily work as adaptive products, and largely contribute to the general well being of.

In the following section of the blog, let us have a look at 8 such devices.

1. Pulse Oximeter:

We are living in the Covid era. It is not unknown to anyone that the second wave took away a number of lives in India, and people had a hard time dealing with this national emergency which has just started to get better, bit by bit. While there was a scarcity of hospital beds in different parts of the country initially, a lot of patients have been healing at home, too. It is crucial to monitor the patient’s oxygen saturation level to understand how critical they may be, thus, keeping a Pulse Oximeter handy will be really beneficial.

2. Oxygen Cylinders:

This is not unknown that Covid patients, especially the elderlies often require breathing support in order to recover at home. Even in mild cases, the doctors sometimes may recommend Oxygen support. Keeping an oxygen cylinder around can do the trick, and help one avoid complications, and heal sooner.

3. Blood Pressure Apparatus:

A number of senior citizens tend to suffer from high blood pressure, as they age. This common disorder takes due to intricate vascular system changes, risks of which increases in the later years of life. This condition can cause serious health problems, thus requires to be monitored regularly. It is always good to have a Blood Pressure Apparatus handy. If you regularly monitor even the minor changes in their blood pressure, you can prevent undue health-oriented emergencies of many kinds.

4. SOS Phone:

As we have already mentioned once, ageing adults meet with a number of emergency issues that require immediate measures. However, in certain cases, the families may fail to cater to the immediate needs given they can hardly shout at the top of their voice to make everyone aware of their condition. For such times, an SOS Phone can be really life-saving. These phones are particularly built keeping in mind the many requirements that elderly people generally have. For example, mostly they consist of a pictorial menu that further comes with legible font, and big keys so as to prevent confusion of any kind. It can pass on the message of any need/threat to the rest of the members of the family.

5. Bed Lever:

Climbing up the bed, as well as getting out of it becomes quite difficult as one age. A bed lever, though quite reasonable, happens to be one of the most important mobility devices reigning the market today that is substantially making life easier for many. It is rightly positioned and allows elderly people to cling on to something for support while trying to get in. Furthermore, it provides an excellent balance which helps them move and turn over as per their convenience.

6. Eye Care Reading Light:

Elderly people often suffer from a lack of clarity in vision at night. However, one should not forget that many ageing adults are largely dependent upon short nighttime activities for happiness, such as leisure reading. Thus, it may be useful to install eye care reading lights that makes it possible for the elderly to read a book, or look at the screen comfortably. A fair share of them also come with an adjustable brightness level and is perfectly mobile. These lights are everyone’s favourites these days and can prevent the eyes from having to endure undue stress.

7. Blood Sugar Measurer:

As individuals age, the risk of being affected by Diabetes increases. It is not unknown that Diabetes essentially points towards high blood glucose (blood sugar) levels. This elevation takes place as the body eventually becomes unable to both produce and respond to insulin, which is a hormone primarily enabling blood glucose to transform into energy. Elderly people should ideally careful about their blood sugar level, and having a blood sugar measurer handy can be really beneficial. It can easily measure the level of one’s sugar in the blood on a regular basis, and clearly indicate the causes for concern in due time.

8. CCTV Camera:

People across the world are using CCTV cameras to ensure both safety and security for elderly people at home. While we understand that you aim to be present to meet the needs of your loved ones in the blink of an eye, sometimes, that is not enough. With a CCTV system installed, you can keep an eye on them, and prioritise their well being at all points. Not all elderly people can reach out to you every time something untoward happens. A visionary device as such will always ensure systematic monitoring, and both prevent, as well as make you aware of accidents.


In today’s world, eldercare devices are extremely important. It is with old age that the daily activities eventually start getting more challenging, and the need for having assistive devices within the periphery of one’s own home becomes essential. Furthermore, these assistive devices can help you understand emergency needs, and take adequate measures.

We hope that you will keep the aforementioned devices handy for the senior citizens at home, and think critically about what other things can make the lives of the older adults a little easier.

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