Emergency Hospitalization of Elders during COVID-19

COVID-19 has stirred quite a few altercations in the field of healthcare since its outbreak. Social distancing, masks, and above all sanitizing yourself have almost become a habit for individuals around the world.

While all these measures should be practiced, people should take certain norms utmost seriously for seniors. The COVID-19 scenario is a threat to the whole of mankind; however, if a segregate through the age bracket, it is the older demographic who are at high risk.

While the dramatic shift toward social distancing measures is a beacon of hope for elders across the world, other significant steps also can be followed.

Why the Elders are Prone to the Growing Pandemic?

Health challenges, especially for elders during the latter stage of life, can be overwhelming. With a weak immune system, and exposed risk to chronic diseases takes an upsurge for the old and frail seniors.

Additionally, loneliness and depression due to the social distancing measures practiced nowadays have a chance to get on the nerves. These all and much more can impact the lives of seniors and lead them to delirious health conditions.

 Measures for Emergency Hospitalization

As the current scenario continues to wreak havoc on many countries, it is a paramount measure to keep elders safe during this pandemic. A primary step that can be taken is making emergency and primary health care accessible to seniors at all times.

Thankfully,  many organizations today have introduced a certain set of COVID initiatives for the elders. Tribeca Care is also one of them.

Tribeca Care is a leading elder care platform that has a wide range of services for the elders. The organization understands the downhill effects of aging on seniors. Thus it has brought forth initiatives for their overall well-being.

Tribeca Care is constantly raising the bar in the care sector for the elders and thus in the wake of this novel coronavirus outbreak, the platform has brought to light some of its new set services:

  • 24/7 Emergency HelplineOne thing that needs attention right away in this scenario is the emergency hospitalization of elders. Keeping in mind all the considerations Tribeca Care has launched an emergency helpline service. The service operates 24/7 and provides arrangements for ambulances and hospitalizations in the worst scenario. Moreover, the care managers associated with the platform provide uninterrupted assistance to the seniors by checking on them.
  • Assisted Telemedicine Service: Nirbhor is an assisted telemedicine service started by Tribeca Care that helps patients and doctors to interact freely through the video-call setup. The benefit of this is with the help of the care managers, seniors can have a consultation session with the physician and freely monitor their BP, health, weight, and pulse rate.
  • Remote Health MonitoringAs per the Government guidelines (MoHFW), confirmed mild/pre-symptomatic and asymptomatic positive cases of COVID-19 do not require a hospital stay if they have the requisite facility of self-isolation at home. Tribeca Care brings millions of hours of Home Care expertise to you. We are providing a remote Covid-19 Monitoring package for patients with mild symptoms in the comfort of home

 Apart from the above-mentioned initiatives, there are some other steps taken by the platform to assist the elders in every way.

  • Psychological Support and Well-Being: During the initial and more developed stages of aging, seniors require psychological support also. If one doesn’t treat Mental illness with proper care, it can wreak havoc. TribecaCare ensures that older adults do not feel lonely and left out; hence they have started two initiatives to meet their needs. The Talk-to-Me program helps them feel mentally empowered. The Happy-at-Home is a non-medical initiative that gives access to yoga classes and other recreational sessions for free.

The breakout of Covid-19 has plunged the world into oblivion. With no contact with the physical world, there is an increased state of despair, which can lead to frustrating conclusions.

As the epidemic continues to spur at an alarming rate, elders are at an increased risk of both physical and mental illness. Tribeca Care understands the needs of older adults very well and hence has launched special care initiatives. With the elderly care platform, seniors can now heave a sigh of relief and discard the fact that they are alone.

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