Empowering Elders with Care and Caution

Elders with advancing age might have to rely on their family and friends for their day-to-day activities. We are aware, how difficult moving to an assisted living facility can be for them. It is important to ensure a suitable environment where they can feel secure and at peace.

It is possible to empower elders in order to provide them more control over their lives. With the help of technology and proper medical assistance, they can live more independently. These are a few ways in which you can support and empower your loved ones at home.

Prevent social isolation

Elders have to spend a significant part of their life alone as their family members may have to be away from home due to unavoidable circumstances. Isolation at old age often causes severe depression. Therefore it is imperative to make sure they can connect with their family and friends. With the aid of social media and communication technology, elderly people can virtually keep in touch with their loved ones. The assurance of communication can make them feel secure even when they are alone. These are certain communication technologies that are easy to use and can aid elders to overcome isolation

  • Devices with the elder-friendly user interface- A lot of smart computers and mobiles come with a simple interface and elder assist program. These devices allow elders who are not technologically advanced to have easy access to most of the features.
  • Video-calling facility- Typing messages or talking over the phone can be cumbersome for elders. Access to video-calling applications makes conversation easy and more convenient.
  • Simple cell phones- Despite the plethora of features a modern smartphone offers, elders may feel at home with an old-fashioned simple cell phone that they are habituated with.
  • SOS-enabled devices- It is important to provide elders with an SOS-enabled device in case of emergency situations. SOS applications on their mobile phone will allow them to reach out to family members as well as emergency healthcare services in times of need.

With advancing age, we witness a gradual decline in our physical health. This causes mobility issues in elders. They also lose their ability to travel alone or drive a car without assistance. The loss of the ability to move freely around can be upsetting for them. Efforts to make transportation easily accessible for elders can be useful to help them overcome the mobility issue.


It is a bit difficult for elders to participate in physical recreational activities. However, these activities are very important in order to keep their mind occupied in a relaxing way. Online quizzes, solitaires, chess, and other similar games are a good way of keeping boredom and loneliness at bay.

However, there is also an added benefit of playing games. Research shows that games are instrumental in improving cognitive functions. These can slow down the decline of mental ability and make them less susceptible to diseases like Alzheimer’s or dementia.

Instill a sense of purpose

A sense of purpose keeps us motivated and mentally active. With old age, people tend to lose interest in activities. These may cause boredom and a frustrating state of mind. It is important to keep them occupied in productive and beneficial activities so that they have the impetus to carry forward.

Technological aid

There are several technologies and gadgets that can help the elders get along with their day-to-day activities with more control and independence:

  • Pill dispenser- Automated pill dispensers are good ways to ensure that elders can get their medications timely.
  • Body massager- There are a variety of body massagers that provides relief from aches and circulate blood flow in muscles.
  • Electric kettle- Easy and convenient appliance that elders can use to get hot water for tea and other purposes.
  • Digital blood-pressure monitor- This is a very useful device that can be used to monitor blood pressure and pulse rate.
Home Healthcare

Home care is the only way you can ensure that your loved one receives round-the-clock professional healthcare without sacrificing the familiarity and comfort of their home. Healthcare service brings essential medical facilities to your doorstep.

Here at TriBeCa Care, we provide home healthcare support for elderly people. We have a dedicated healthcare workforce that includes- physiotherapists, respiratory therapists, and trained nurses who can provide all-round care for elders in your absence.

We provide emergency services with minimal response time and a network of ambulance services for emergency cases. Our SOS- based communication service allows your loved ones to connect to us in cases of emergency. For more information call us at + 913366064208 or request a callback. Email us at enquiry@tribecacare.com.