How Senior Citizens can Cope-up with the new Strain of COVID?

Life-threatening diseases have an underlying risk that cannot be fully assimilated on the surface level and this is the exact cause of Covid-19. The second wave of the pandemic is getting stronger each day and all our efforts to curb it seem to be falling by the wayside. As the fear of the disease constrains our lives, seniors are the ones who seem most affected. Let us see how Seniors can cope with the new strain of COVID.

How Can Seniors Cope With the New Strain of the Virus?

The symptoms of the second wave of coronavirus vary slightly from the first. This is the prime reason, why it is difficult to distinguish the mutant virus and that leads to a delay in treatment. Thus, for households with elderly people or co-morbidities, these are precautionary measures to undertake:


Elders are advised to keep 60% alcohol-based sanitizers and disinfectant sprays with them, which can be used on the skin directly.

Follow Hygiene Protocols:

Hygiene is one of the main ways of keeping Covid-19 at bay. Thus, along with wearing masks, and maintaining social distancing, seniors shall also wash hands:

  • Before or after eating food
  • Touching the mask
  • Using the restroom
  • Before touching the face
How Tribeca Care is Helping Seniors Cope With Covid-19?

Tribeca Care is constantly striving to ensure that in times like we are providing care services to the ones in need. The eldercare platform brings forth an exhaustive range of services. This includes:

  • Emergency support for the elderly wherein geriatric care is made easy. The organization takes care of all arrangements including nurses, doctors, attendants, medical supplies, and eldercare packages. These measures are all executed through their Care Managers.
  • 24 x 7 ICU/ITU set up at home with regular thermal screening, sanitized car, home hygiene protocol, sleep therapy, and dementia care. Tribeca Care also provides personal care attendants to assist in daily activities.
  • Remote Covid Monitoring at home where pre-symptomatic and asymptomatic cases are taken care of at home only.
  • Tribeca Care is also providing medical devices such as an oximeter and conducting Covid tests to keep the elderly safe.

The older adults in our nation are at greater risk of developing Covid-related infection. Thus, in these unprecedented times, Tribeca Care makes sure that the elderly are not alone and gives them proper support through assisted services. This small step will not only make them think optimistically but also help them live stress-free. It is also a great relief to loved ones of the elderly, who live in other countries and who feel helpless in this time of need thus, bringing smiles to everyone’s faces.


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