Cancer Care at Home

How to Care for Cancer Patient at Home

Cancer is a physically and emotionally depleting disease for the patient and their families. The word itself instills more fear than death. A distressing aspect of cancer is that it affects people of all ages and there are so many kinds of cancer that comparatively little is known about the disease, its causes, and potential treatments for the disease.

There are more than 200 types of cancer and it is classified either according to the kind of fluid or tissue from which they originate or according to the location in the body where they first developed.

Despite the fact that the disease is life-threatening and crippling, medical science has been able to develop a variety of treatment options. Moreover, cancer treatment is becoming more readily available thanks to technological advances.

Cancer and Ageing:

Cancer can develop at any age.  But it affects more when you get older because your body already stops generating new cells and thus cancer risk increases with age. About 60% of cancers occur in people 65 years of age or older and about 70% of deaths caused by cancers occur at this stage. Older people need more care and proper medication during this critical time.

Your recovery and well-being are our pride. Cancer curative treatment may require several sessions of chemotherapy, multiple hospital readmissions for clinical medication, and follow-up sessions with the Oncologist. Their family members also start panicking due to their loss of control over the situation.

Cancer Care at Home:

Tribeca Care provides professional help for critical and chronic cancer patients. Our cancer care at home service provides much-needed relief to the patients and their family caregivers during this difficult situation. Whether you are recovering from surgery or living with cancer we offer a range of services – doctor consultation, doctor visits, critical care nursing, and Chemotherapy assistance. Patient-centered home care helps cancer patients to improve their quality of life while also being cost-effective.

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