How to Improve Cognitive Health among Elders?

Cognitive functions include the ability to observe and learn new things, our ability to think clearly, and also our capacity to remember and retain information. Cognitive aspects of the brain are among several aspects that constitute our brain health, such as:

Motor function: the brain’s ability to coordinate our movement, locomotion, and the maintenance of body balance.

Emotional function: this concern’s the brain’s responsiveness towards pleasant and unpleasant emotional factors.

Tactile function: the brain’s ability to sense external surroundings through the faculty of touch.


These functions are interrelated and impact the overall brain health of an individual. The cognitive function is crucial for our day-to-day functioning.

How old age affects cognitive health?

The advancement of age affects the cognitive function of an individual. A certain disease that is symptomatic of old age also affects the functionality of our brain. With the deterioration of cognitive function, it becomes difficult to get along with daily activities. Declining of this function to an extent comes naturally with ageing or sometimes can be symptomatic of disorders such as degenerative dementia.


For an elderly person suffering from declining cognitive health, it can be difficult to gauge speed and moving objects. This can affect their ability to move freely. It also affects their working memory which makes it difficult for them to remember their chores. They cannot perform activities that require remembering a schedule such as paying electricity bills, taking timely medications, keeping a tab on groceries, etc. Cognitive health also makes driving difficult as it requires remembering and compliance with traffic laws. Deteriorating cognitive health can take away from elders their functional independence.

Elders suffering from declining cognitive health can find online games and activities beneficial. Let us find out how online games and quizzes can affect the cognitive health of elders.

Benefits of online games and activities 

While old age in itself is a primary factor that limits our movement. People of advanced age might partake less in activities that involve too much physical movement. And with the COVID-19 pandemic, our activities, in general, have been restricted to indoors.


Online games are a good way of keeping the elders involved indoors. They can also stimulate the brain in certain ways that can improve cognitive functions. These are the ways in which online games can help elders with declining cognitive functions


Engaging for your brain:

Online games such as checkers, scrabble, crosswords keep your brain engaged and active. Online quizzes are a good platform to test ones remembering ability. These games are beneficial as they sharpen skills like deductive reasoning, analogy. Games are interesting means of stimulating brain function.

Improves attention span: 

Reduced attention spans are symptomatic of declining cognitive function with age. With advancing, age elders find it difficult to concentrate on a single activity. Games like crosswords, puzzles are interesting ways of improving attention span, because they are fun to play as well as engaging.

Stimulates the brain:

We are aware how learning new skills such as language, or musical instruments are good ways of stimulating the brain. The variety of online games come with different sets of rules and require engagement and concentration, which provides stimulations similar to what one receives while learning new activities.

Increases memory function:

Games such as scrabble, quizzes and other similar games can boost memory functions. These games require the player to remember facts or information that they have already learned. Thus games are efficient and fun ways in which one can exercise their faculty of remembering already acquired knowledge.

Games are interactive:

We are aware of how social interaction is a prerequisite for healthy brain development. It is through social interaction one can express thoughts with clarity. However old age limits our activities and interaction to a great extent. Online multiplayer games such as solitaire, antakshari provide the platform to connect with your friends, and make new friends, and keep your interactions alive in an engaging manner.

Reduce social isolation: 

Many studies show the adverse effect social isolation can have on overall brain health. Living in isolation and away from the warmth of company can cause depression which severely harms thinking and remembering ability making us more susceptible to dementia. Online games can be useful in keeping one engaged, happy, and connected with people so that they don’t feel blue.

Comfortable space:

Games are also good ways of making one more comfortable and at home. As we all know home is a space where one can feel happy, secure, and comfortable. Games are good ways of ensuring that elders who are restricted indoors find comfort and happiness in the space they reside in and do not feel the lack that arises from their limited outdoor activities.

A list of games that can keep the elders engaged at home
1. Word search

This game is free to play and can be a good way of increasing attention span, observation skills, and memory functions. It is fun and easy. You can play this with your friends and family and challenge them to new rounds every day.

2. Sharpbrains

This is another interesting game that allows you to test various brain functions such as deductive skills, problem-solving abilities, and memory through a variety of fun activities. If you are bored with monotonous gameplay you can try this game out.

3. Daily crosswords:

It the classic game for people of all ages. This game is a good way of stimulating the memory function of the brain. For elders, this can be particularly useful because brain stimulation also makes people less susceptible to diseases such as Alzheimer’s.


Old age is a very crucial time of life where extra care is required to keep our body functionality on order. Brain stimulating activities like games, playing instruments alongside a healthy diet, and exercises are necessary to keep at bay the negative effect of ageing.


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