Self-Defence Products for Seniors

If the latest stats are to be believed then, almost every year more than 23,000 crimes are registered against seniors. And this keeps on rising each year without fail. Due to this very fact, the government and police have also taken strict action towards senior safety.

But the best form of defence is none other than self-defence. So, for all seniors out there, here are some products and equipment which will help in keeping you safe.

Self Defense Products and Equipments to Have:

Indeed, there is no proper age for learning self-defence. It is a weapon that has been inculcated in our senses from the time we are born. One of the prime reasons why self-defence is necessary is because it prepares you for unexpected situations. Apart from that, self-defence also helps in improving mental and physical state.

So let us now check what are the must-have products to help seniors combat threatful situations:

  1. Self-Defense Stick:

This particular stick can be used by older adults in many ways. Not only does this help in mobility but is extremely helpful to ward off robbers. Also, apart from the regular ones a security baton can help you escape from unpleasant situations easily.

  1. Wearable SOS Tracker:

A technological boon for all old people out there. The SOS tracker is not only embedded with smart technology to help you in danger. With both GPS and SOS buttons, the security device is a smart addition to your belongings.

  1. Flashlights:

This one here is a friendly companion during evening walks. An ultimate self-defence product can easily blind your attacker and also show you the path in dimly lit areas.

  1. Panic Alarm:

Panic Alarms come in handy when you have to alert people around you. Mostly used in roads, public transport, and private space, this equipment keeps you safe.

  1. Self Defense Keychain:

The self-defence keychain is another product to keep with you. What makes the device useful is its convenience. While the good grip provides efficient usage, taping in all the keys together reduces the risk of losing them.

Apart from this, you can also protect yourself in untoward situations with the element of surprise.

  1. Pepper Spray:

Pepper sprays also fall under the category of self-defence products for seniors. Hailed as a safety aid for women, the spray causes a burning sensation that evades attackers easily. Another thing that makes it popular is that you can easily carry it in your purse.


There is no denying that a self-defence product gives an upper hand over your attacker. But in addition to that, you also need to learn basic safety measures as well. This includes avoiding lonely lanes, staying alert, and learning some self-defence moves. These when combined with the aforementioned list will surely help you stay protected and safe all the time.


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