How To Overcome Social Awkwardness In Children?

Is your child socially awkward?

Sometimes, your kid can’t handle social interaction, they just shut their mouth during any conversation. Your child may know all the answers but unable to speak in front of everyone due to shyness. They get embarrassed, afraid and cannot confidently carry them in social situations. It’s a kind of disorder that children face when the situations are unfamiliar to them or when they feel that they will be watched or criticized by others. These situations can disrupt a child’s behavior to his parents; they can go to any point to avoid this situation.

Social awkwardness in your child may be when they


  1. Meet new people
  2. Are asked to perform on stage before the audience (performance anxiety)
  3. Are being watched while speaking
  4. Are being evaluated by others
  5. Are having a conversation with important people like, teachers and Principal
  6. Are a part of social gatherings
  7. Eat or drink in public
  8. Appear in examinations
  9. Are called to speak up in front of the whole class


To know that your child is socially awkward, you will notice some signs like:


  • Avoiding family get together parties or social gatherings
  • Staying quiet, smiling and blushing during any conversation in order to escape social awkwardness and notice.
  • Getting worried before any upcoming social situation.
  • Not understanding what is appropriate for them.
  • Giving one-word answers
  • Struggling to make a conversation
  • Spends a lot of time alone
  • Dizziness and anxiety
  • Breathing problem
  • Stomach upsets and headaches
  • Sweating before speaking
  • Fear of being watched or criticized by others
  • Always taking someone along with them wherever they go



How you can treat your child to overcome social awkwardness?

Your child needs someone with whom he/she can share everything, which he/she wants but is unable to share. You need to teach your child patiently how to interact comfortably in social situations. The goal is not to reduce the shyness from your child but to help them to do things that they want to do in all social situations. Some techniques that may help you to help your child overcome social awkwardness,


  • Try to increase the confidence level so that they can talk confidently in social situations.
  • Don’t let anyone tease your child because of their shyness in social gatherings. Protest immediately in front of your child so that he can believe you.
  • Talk to your child. Be frank, friendly, ask about their friends, their experience in school, listen, ask questions and discuss what they like.
  • Engage your child in different activities like, building self-confidence classes, sports, and drawing and so on to help them to improve their behaviour in social situations.
  • Help your child to discover his strengths and weakness and teach him how to handle this situation.
  • Help them to make good friends.



For better result, consult an expert psychologist to help them to recover quickly. Please remember, counselling can help them to handle the situation more quickly and efficiently.

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