Breast Cancer Screening At Home

breat cancer diagnosis

About 40% of women nowadays suffer from breast cancer. About 40% risk of breast cancer increases in case of 60 years of women.
It is a most common disease in women. It occurs both in men and women but it is far more common in women. Research says, because of latest breast cancer screening and tests methods; there has been an increase in breast cancer survival rates. The number of deaths due to breast cancer is declining very fast due to early detection of lesions, better understanding and advance treatment.

What are the symptoms of Breast cancer?

  1. Change in size and shape
  2. Sudden thickness
  3. Changes in nipple
  4. Change in color or redness of the breast
  5. Peeling or scaling of the skin of breast
  6. Constant pain

What are the causes of Breast cancer?

The exact cause of breast cancer is still not clear but it can be detected early when the symptoms appear by breast cancer screening. But there are few causes of breast cancer, that include,

  1. Hormonal changes may increase the risk of breast cancer
  2. Change in lifestyle or environment may also increase the risk of breast cancer
  3. The risk of breast cancer increase because of genetic
  4. Dense breast tissue may develop breast cancer.
  5. Excessive breast feeding for a longer period of time
  6. Women who are overweight or obesity
  7. Risk of breast cancer increases in case of high blood sugar level in the body
  8. Excess amount of alcohol consumption
  9. Pregnancy at an old age
  10. Women who never been pregnant
  11. Women who take medicines(contains estrogen and progesterone) to treat menopause issues, increases the risk of breast cancer.


Treatment for breast cancer

Women do not get enough time for routine health check up. TriBeCa Care introduces an extensive method of breast cancer screening at home. Over 50,000 of women have benefitted from this breast cancer screening examination at home.

TriBeCa Care brings a breast cancer screening device, known as I-Breast. Tests are performed by a portable device which is known as I Breast. The screening helps in early detection of lesions and is performed by an ANM nurse. Test reports are home delivered after proper analysis. The complete procedure is painless and non-invasive.

The method is safe, comfortable for all women and done with 100% accuracy. This can help you to detect breast cancer in early stage.

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