Cancer and Ageing: the Relationship

cancer and ageing

Cancer can affect ageing individuals as well as individuals from every age group. But as per Cancer Association, it has been also known that 60% of the times it happens to individual who are above 65 years of age. So, if you are someone who is in the old age group and has been detected with the infection, you are not the only one. Not just age, cancer can affect also people due to a number of other factors such as lifestyle, general health, and so on.

The connection between cancer and ageing

Cancer happens to an individual at an older age due to a number of reasons. It can weakness, loss of immunity, co-occurrence of other diseases or exposure to chemicals. But there are of course, ways to stay prepared so that you do not meet such a deadly disease during your older age.

If you have some specific health conditions such as high blood pressure, lung disease, kidney disease, heart disease, diabetes, or arthritis, there are high chances that you may get affected by cancer too. With ageing, the cell of the body starts damaging. This is the reason a number of visible symptoms are shown such as wrinkles, weakness in the body, joint pains and so on.

There can be many times when the cells in the body may start growing on its own or may even multiply. These cells can be the cancer cells. You may not know about it in the initial stages but slowly the symptoms may start showing up. This, ultimately leads to a deadly situation if you do not diagnose the disease on time.

Can you prevent from the condition?

Does the above explanation mean that every ageing person will have cancer sometime or the other? It is of course, not! There are so many people who age like fine wine and stay away from such many deadly diseases. To stay safe from cancer, it is important to maintain health schedules after 40 years.

• Keep track of your health

It is important to keep a track of your health condition. It is advised by the Health Organizations to take a whole body medical checkup at least once in a year. This will help the person to know about the conditions happening in the body and hence keeping you safe.

• Keep the diseases in control

An ageing person can have a number of health issues such as high blood pressure, diabetes and others. It is important to keep these conditions in check so that they do not damage the cells further leading to cancer.

• Maintain a healthy body

Today, there are a number of elements that can damage your health. Harmful UV rays of the sun, pollution, and stress are some of the major conditions that can lead cancer. Thus, consumption of a healthy diet and use of herbal products, avoiding alcohol, smoking, junk foods, chemicals are some of the things to avoid the risk.

Stories of kids or younger people having cancer are often shared because they are quite rare. However, something that is not rare by now is the growing of the cancerous cells in ageing people. In addition, the diagnosis of the disease is done so late that treatment options do not work that well. It is always important to stay healthy and check with a medical expert immediately when something seems to be abnormal.

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