5 Ways to Celebrate Love with Elders

celebration of love

Valentine’s Day is an extraordinary time to celebrate love with our elderly loved ones. It is a day of love where affection and love are exchanged in the form of card, chocolates, flowers, and love notes. There are various fun and heart-warming activities that can be pleasant for everybody – particularly our elderly loved ones.

Now, let’s look at the 5 ways you can celebrate love with elders:

1) Tuning on Some Favourite Music

Senior elders are fond of various kind of classical music that takes them back to their nostalgic youthful days. The melodious romantic hits of Lata Mangeshkar, R.D. Burman, and also Mohammed Rafi can be a piece of refreshment and joyfulness in this special day. Thus, you can celebrate love with their favourite music to instil old memories, emotions, and positive inspiration for them. Moreover, senior adults living in elderly care home gets a wide horizon of love, care, and affection abundantly from them.

2) Love-themed Decor

It gives much joy and happiness when you decor everything with heart-shaped knick-knack for your elderly loved ones. The combination of red and pink flowers and balloons inside the premises of elderly care home can add a perfect touch of love and symbolism on this very special day. It turns out to be an enchanting and magical experience for each of them where they expect the least in the absence of their children and loved ones. Thus, the love-themed decor all over the place can instill positivity in the mind and soul of the elderly adults significantly.

3)  Homemade Treats

Valentine’s Day celebration can also be carried out with delicious homemade treats where the children and loved ones bring their favourite food delicacies with a homemade touch. It is a way of showing their love and affection for their elderly loved ones by giving them homemade cooked food. Thus, it gives a golden opportunity for the children to do something thoughtful for their parents on Valentine’s Day. With this, sharing handmade treats prepared with affection is a standout among the most ideal approaches to indicate elderly adults that you care for them unconditionally. Make your treats more enhanced and standout by including Valentine’s sprinkles or enlivening with pink icing.

4) Meeting Arrangement with Children

Elderly loved ones living under assisted living always have a heartfelt wish to see their children and loved ones every now and then. But due to their work life, they couldn’t make out the time to see their elderly parents on a regular interval. Thus, some of the elderly care homes take the sole opportunity and responsibility in arranging a meeting with their children and loved ones on this very special day. This whole idea of meeting their children and loved ones on Valentine’s Day brighten ups their entire day with joy, laughter, and merriment.

5) Play ‘Name that Love Song’ Game

This fun activity can bring to life your old loved one’s memory. While speculating the names of the given song, the music could trigger recollections from your loved one’s past. Make a point to play a portion of your loved one’s favourite tune to make this action progressively pleasant on this very special day.

We at TriBeCa Care are in collaboration with numerous elderly care home in and around Kolkata to spread joy and laughter on Valentine’s Day. Our care manager gives a surprise visit to these elderly care home with thoughtful gifts, flowers, and love notes for the elderly seniors to celebrate love with them. On the other hand, the patients at TriBeCa Care also get equal love and affection with the love-themed decor, baked cakes, and a surprise visit from their children and loved ones arranged by us.

TriBeCa Care can be an incredible boon to seniors. With the assistance of the caregivers at Home Care Assistance, your elderly loved ones can lead a more joyful and more beneficial life. We offer a friendly and warm environment which urges seniors to eat nutritious food, exercise and socialize which will eventually increase their life-span significantly.

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