Census: Elders Living Alone in India

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Almost 15 million senior citizens live alone in India. Of them, as many as 75% are women. Tamil Nadu is one of the states where the ratio of senior citizens living alone is 1:11. The ratio of elderly people in India is 1:7, wherein there is no one in the household under the age of 60.

The Census 2011 covered households comprising of senior citizen members. The data released was thus:

  • Of the 25 crore people living in India, 31.3% have at least one elderly person in the household.
  • 1/3rd of the rural households has a senior citizen. 28 lakh of them are women above the age of 60 living alone. 1.2 crores senior citizens live in a household where there isn’t anyone below the age of 60 living with them in rural India.
  • Urban areas see comparatively lesser number of senior citizens in households, at 29%. 8.2 lakh women live alone in urban areas that are above 60 years and above. 37 lakh senior citizens live without anyone younger than 60 living with them in urban areas.
  • Jammu and Kashmir stands at the bottom of the list of a senior-citizen-only household, with 5.8% of the total population. The maximum number of people living in a similar kind of household is at Tamil Nadu, at 9.2%.


Elderly people living alone is a high risk situation. With increasing age, there is a rapid growth of risk factors. Emergency situations, especially, is a  dangerous possibility.

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