Chai Adda with Senior Members

Senior get together

It’s true when they say that the most tragic fact about loneliness is that unlike sickness and diseases, there’s really no cure for this experience of feeling rejection. But while you cannot completely eliminate the feeling of loneliness that any senior citizen is experiencing, you can always help in reducing that feeling.

As age catches up to them, senior citizens start feeling the weight of loneliness weighing heavily on them. They either feel that no one understands how they feel or they feel that the world has progressed so much that they’ve been left behind somewhere.

When one’s at this juncture of life, it’s become a challenge to keep them interested and engaged—especially their minds.

This is where all of us at Club TribeCa are doing our best to build a small community that identifies and understands this pain point of senior citizens. In order to keep senior citizens interested, we organise senior activities through the Chai Adda event, which encourages senior get-together.

Recently, Club TribeCa hosted a Chai Adda session at a Cafe that became an instant hit. The event witnessed a throng of senior citizens who graced this occasion and were part of a wonderful tea party. While there was some hesitation at the beginning of the event; as the evening proceeded, people were no longer strangers, and the initial hesitation paved the way for an eventful evening full of chatter, heartfelt conversations, smiles, laughs, and loads of cha (tea).

If this event has piqued your interest, then we suggest that you don’t miss out on the upcoming Cha Adda events. Get in touch with us at (8336900481/8336959353) to keep yourself updated about all the upcoming activities or be an integral part of such exciting events for free in the future.

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