How to Choose the Right Old Age Home for Your Parents?

Old age homes in kolkata

It is said, “time and tide waits for none”. This age-old phrase finds accurate relevance when we consider how fast our parents age. It is almost a common experience that the person, who was energetic yesterday and would go for morning jogs, is finding it difficult to climb a couple of steps today.The harsh truth presents itself when you realize that irrespective of your love and care, you simply cannot keep up with the needs of an ageing parent while managing your daily routine.This is where old age home facilities are really essential. They have the resources to provide your parents with the care they need.

It has been observed that people are reluctant to avail the services of these caregiving institutions. They think that their inability to care for their loved ones is the cause for them to ask for outside help. On the contrary, the fact is, they care for their parents enough to ask for outside help.

Elderly people need tending and constant attention. They can get lonely which makes them prone to depression. Therefore, choosing an old age home, where they can be surrounded by caring people and people of their own age group is the most logical step.

Sooner or later, both you and your parents would realize the need for specialized care. And when you do, these are the points you should be referring to while choosing an old age home:

Does the home feel like home?

Elderly people are attached to their residences as it provides them with a sense of security and familiarity. Therefore, relocating them to a new environment is a challenging task.

• Visit the old age homes of your choosing and check the surroundings and environment.
• Make sure to interact with the staff and management there to ensure that your parents would be in capable hands.
• Make a list of on-site facilities and services provided and compare them with other old age homes.
• Contact the management at any time in case of any queries.

Would your parent’s privacy be respected?

Accommodations at old age homes can be different. There can be small dormitories, or shared rooms, or private rooms.

• Enquire thoroughly about the availability of accommodations.
• If you’re opting for a private room, ask the management to ensure that there will be a working attached washroom.

Are the living conditions healthy?

Healthy living conditions imply the availability of balanced home-cooked meal, relaxation/entertainment programs, clean and neat surroundings.

• Visit the pantry and the dining area to ensure the quality of food served.
• Ensure that your parents would not suffer from boredom and would be occupied with productive activities.
• Ensure that the campus is well maintained and tidy.

We, at Tribeca Care, keep a full and detailed catalogue of all the available old age homes around Kolkata. We can ensure your parents are in capable hands and are treated by professionals with a warm and friendly approach.

Contact us for further enquiries. Our team of experts can help you to find the best elderly care available in Kolkata so that your parents can settle in a stress-free and relaxing environment, filled with nurturing people.

Visit us at to book an appointment.
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