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Kaash! This is the expression you see in every Bengali face with the appearance of Kash Phool (Kans grass). This expression is not only because the white feathery flowers that looks so serene against the green, but it brings the festive season with it. Kash Phool brings with it a change in weather and a pleasant reminder that Durga Puja is around the corner.

This time, we decided to kick start the Puja spirit and curated a few articles that we considered worth reading as we gear up for Durga Puja this year. We want to look forward to this time together – as one of bonding with those old friends, connecting with the family and rejuvenating our own life.

In Kolkata, Bengalis look forward to this festival with great enthusiasm and Durga Darshan is a special ceremony for them. TriBeCa Care organizes exclusive Puja Parikrama for senior citizens, thus making Durga Darshan a luxurious and comfortable experience.

Stories worth a read

+ All you need to know about Durga Puja: While we count down to the festive season and Durga Puja, in particular, it is worthwhile to know more on the dates we cherish and celebrate with so much joy, life and vigour. Know more about the Durga Puja dates this year, as well as the rituals and traditions that follow on each of the days.

+ Durga Puja Celebration in Kolkata: Durga Puja in Kolkata is a grand affair. People from all across the world come to Kolkata to see and celebrate this festival organized by various large clubs and the Rajbaris. The decorations, the theme and the lights of these large Puja Pandals attract people in huge numbers. Durga Puja Pandal-hopping is a day and night celebration for 5 days, starting from Maha Sasthi. The other great thing about Durga Puja is its all inclusive spirit. Read about how the city is taking steps to include everyone in the celebration.

+ Bengalis and the love for food: Bengalis are infamous for their love for food, and Pujas are just another excuse to add cheat days to the calendar. In fact, eating phuchkas, chicken rolls and ghugnis on the streets become a part of the Pujo itinerary and are often also a part of the festive celebration. But while the heart feels happy about festive diet, the stomach needs a break from time to time. Especially as you grow older, it is important to give yourself those small breaks and gaps from the onslaught of the delicious festive food. Read up on a few ideas on what kind of food you should be eating in between the street food and eating out.

What are we reading or watching

+ Old is Gold. While we have our Netflix and Amazon Primes to fall back to, on the morning of Mahalaya, the one thing that we all want to listen to, that actually begins the Pujo in the real, true sense, is the voice of one man, who recited something simple, heart-rendering, and absolutely true, 87 years ago. First heard in the homes in 1932, through multiple generations, for many, many people across the world, Birendra Krishna Bhadra’s Mahishashurmardini, Mahalaya still ushers in the Durga Puja, still marks the beginning of all the courage and valour and hope that Durga Puja brings in the hearts of many. Many have come after, other forms of media and expression, but Birendra Krishna Bhadra remains in all our hearts, decades after the first time he recited on the radio.

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