Coronavirus High Alert in India: Do’s and Don’ts for Seniors

Coronavirus in India

India reported 29 confirmed cases of Coronavirus on Wednesday, 4 March, 2020 including 16 Italians tourists. More than 40 students of a Noida school have been sent to a 28-day isolation period after a Delhi student infected with Coronavirus threw a birthday party last night. The school has been shut for three days, says Chief Medical Officer.

According to latest reports, the father of the infected Delhi student is showing symptoms and is said to have High-Viral load. The reports are awaited for Coronavirus infection confirmation, says Health Officials.

Coronavirus or COV is the latest nightmare in the world. This viral disease originally initiated from the Chinese city Wuhan, and there have been already 3,118 deaths reported. The total number of infected people at present is close to 91,313, and other nations have also confirmed 11,162 cases as of now.

As per reports, senior citizens and adults nearing their old age are more susceptible to getting infected by Coronavirus. This is because most of the aged people already suffer from some health complications. In any case, their bodies are much less suitable for resisting a pathogen.

As per the nature of the Coronavirus, the senior citizens are clearly in a more dangerous position than the adults and children. Children are not safe from getting affected either. However, their body can fight it in a much better manner.

Therefore, seniors should know what they should do and what they should not if they want to keep themselves safe from this virus.


  • Senior people should maintain hygiene and should always use soaps for washing hands
  • Mouth should be covered while sneezing or coughing
  • Masks should be used while going out
  • Take immediate medical help on the slightest signs of respiratory problems
  • Try to perform periodic checkups on your health, even when there is no health problem


  • Avoid travelling to far places if you are not feeling well
  • Avoid going to any location that has been identified as the centre of Coronavirus infections
  • Keep your distance from any people who are infected in any way
  • Avoid people with coughs, sneezes, and terminal illness
  • Animals which can be the virus carriers should not be meddled with
  • Avoid eating undercooked or raw meats from any source
  • Avoid going to market places where various animals are kept together

It won’t be long till a proper cure for Coronavirus comes out. Till then, senior people should take all steps possible to keep themselves safe.

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