How does Pulse Oximeter work for Covid-19?

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected millions of populations till now. Even though medical groups across the world are working at breakneck speed to find a cure, it seems as if the cases are not seeing a drop.

The COVID-19 toll as of now has crossed over 9 million and seeing the spike in cases every day, it can be said that the number is surely going to hit soon. As the contagion seems to escalate every day, there are numerous gadgets and preventive cures that have been the talk of the town for some time now.

What is a pulse oximeter?

The novel coronavirus has pushed the medical sector to the brink. When the first outbreak first occurred, reports were stating that masks and sanitization are the effective measures to curb it.

But the rapid pace at which the disease started to forge ahead; other gadgets have also started doing the rounds. The pulse oximeter is one of them.

For the starters who have not heard about the device, the pulse oximeter is a small rectangular device that measures the level of oxygen in the body. We all know that low oxygen levels are the very first indicator of the COVID-19 virus. The benefits of pulse oximeter are vast.

Firstly, it is a non-evasive and painless method to determine oxygen levels in the body. Secondly, the device accurately predicts the level of oxygen in your body without any hassles.

How to use a pulse oximeter?

Just like the face masks, the pulse oximeter is flying off the shelves since its introduction. We all know that people with the symptoms of the COVID-19 virus need oxygenation support.

The pulse oximeter decodes the oxygen levels in the body in a jiffy. All you have to do is clip the device to your fingers and get the results in an instant.

The whole mechanism of determining the levels of oxygen in blood with the device is as follows.:

  • An oximeter for corona patients comprises three important parts, a monitor consisting of batteries and display, a probe with LED’s, and a light detector called a photodetector. The probe is the one that senses the user’s pulse.
  • The device determines two readings: the pulse rate and oxygen level. While the normal pulse rate shall lie anywhere between 60-100, oxygen readings should also come within 95% to 100%. Anything less than these readings should get medical assistance from the doctors fast.
  • The device requires a total time of 10 seconds to get an accurate reading after being clipped on.

Apart from monitoring the COVID-19 symptoms, a pulse oximeter can also detect other health issues such as Lung cancer, pneumonia, asthma, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

What are the other things to keep in mind while using the device?
  • Every clip-style oximeter for corona patients shall be placed on the fingers, toe, or earlobe. The device will not prick but make you feel a small amount of pressure when placed on the above-mentioned body parts.
  • The body part on which the device is placed shall be under the light.
  • Remove nail polish otherwise the readings might not be accurate.
How Tribeca Care is marching ahead in its services?

If there is an elder care platform in the country with top-notch services then it is none other than Tribeca Care. In the wake of this pandemic, the platform is already ahead of others with a set of special initiatives.

From psychological supporttelemedicine assistance, and recreational activities to assigning care managers for the elders, the platform has incorporated every type of assistance for the people under them. As a precautionary measure for facing this health hazard, Tribeca Care has recently launched a COVID Kit for the patients. The kit includes an oximeter which acts as a paramount device for determining the oxygen levels in the body. With this kit at your disposal, it will be easy to keep tabs on your health amidst this pandemic situation.


As the situation is getting worse day by day, devices like the pulse oximeter are gaining momentum for predicting the symptoms of the disease. With the launch of the COVID kit, Tribeca Care has yet again proved that when it comes to giving care, there is no other platform in the country that can match its services.

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