List of COVID-19 hospitals in Kolkata

When it comes to coronavirus care, all we are coming across every day are horror stories. From viral videos of desperate pleas for better care by COVID-19-positive patients to those of doctors and nurses asking for better infrastructure, more help, and basic rights, we have seen them all by now. According to almost any scientific opinion, the best way to deal with this pandemic is to actively practice prevention. But even after our best efforts, what if we get infected?

This is the list of the COVID-19 hospitals in Kolkata, that are treating coronavirus patients with the number of beds and ventilations –

These hospitals are designated specifically for dealing with coronavirus patients. However, any person is encouraged to contact other private hospitals if they are more comfortable with those options.

Want Covid Care at Home? Contact Us!

With the increasing number of cases, the Govt. of India ha snow requested Home Care providers to provide COVID Care for those in need.

Tribeca Care’s COVID Home Care services are available for your loved ones. We provide 24-hour ICU/ITU nurses and attendants for the care of COVID-19-positive patients at home.

We also provide:

  1. Remote Covid Monitoring for Mild/Asypmtomatyic patients
  2. Covid-19 Testing at Home
  3. Medical Devices for Vital Checks
  4. Sanitization of Homes

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