Post Hospitalization Services after COVID Recovery

The COVID-19 outbreak, and the subsequent second wave, have challenged the medical infrastructure in countries across the world. With around 4 lakh new cases every day India stands at a critical juncture in the struggle against the COVID-19 virus. The numbers have overwhelmed hospitals that are running to their full capacity. There is a shortage of beds, resources, oxygen supply, all of which are necessary for acute treatment. A person may have access to acute treatment through hospitalization, but the need for care after hospitalization remains hanging in the balance.


Data collected by research teams and doctors prove that someone who has already been infected may develop antibodies that will provide them immunity for some time. However, the chances of reinfection remain. The data available on the long-term and short-term effects are insufficient at this moment. Younger patients may experience weakness for over two months, but they can retain symptoms even after recovery.


Post-hospitalization care is very important to monitor the condition of the patient after recovery. Depending on the patient’s medical history, care after COVID recovery can be provided by licensed nurses and professional therapists, or by home care providers.


Care after COVID recovery


People with a medical history of comorbidity or chronic illness are more susceptible to the COVID-19 virus. For recovering patients with a similar medical history, post-hospitalization care is of utmost importance.


While specialized care by professional nurses and licensed therapists seems to be the preferable care option, it is equally important to acknowledge the fact that there is an acute insufficiency of the workforce due to a sudden surge in the number of cases. A major section of the healthcare workforce has been reserved for acute treatment and prevention in hospitals. With limited resources and testing facilities, the availability of skilled healthcare is at an all-time low.


The alternative to skilled care at this moment is a home-based care service. Homecare services are also preferable as they can overcome the risk of further infection and transmission in crowded nursing homes.


Existing homecare facilities have tried to bridge this gap through the introduction of technology-based professional services. Home care services have their dedicated team of trained nurses and paramedics. They bring to your home post-COVID services that include regular health monitoring, check-ups. They are also effective to aid patients with post-recovery syndromes such as memory loss, prolonged breathing difficulty, fever, and other common symptoms. This emerging group of professional care providers is a useful mediation between patients and existing medical infrastructure.


About TriBeCa Care’s Post-Hospitalization Services


At TriBeCa Care, we have a team of ICU/ITU premium nurses, therapists, paramedics who form the backbone of our home care programs. We also provide remote health monitoring facilities for patients with mild symptoms, regular check-up facilities.

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