How to Take Care of the Elderly During COVID Times?

The second wave of Covid-19 has awakened a nail-biting scenario for health institutions across the world. Not only the mutated virus is deadly for the common public, but the symptoms have also changed. This has thrust the common public into a delirious situation and the elderly are at a huge risk.

Indeed, keeping seniors away from vulnerable situations is necessary, but we also have to make sure they don’t drift into isolation. So, to let seniors get through the pandemic easily, here are few tips which explain how we can take care during  COVID time:

The common sources of stress for everyone during a pandemic include a decline in activities and social engagement. And this affects the seniors more! Thus, to help them stay connected and be safe, here are some of the key ways:

  1. Schedule Virtual Visits:

The restrictions on seniors during the outbreak are amplified due to the unpredictable nature of the virus. Most of the group activities like dining, meeting, and social interaction have been cancelled. Thus, during this time virtual visits prove invaluable.

Schedule a meeting through Skype, Zoom, Meet and Facetime, which will help seniors connect with loved ones. You can even go for a quick phone call to the elderly for reducing the pangs of loneliness.

  1. Limit Personal Visits:

This is one of the major steps to follow for seniors. In these unprecedented times, reduce the risk of infection by curbing personal visits. And for some reason, if you have to meet them, keep children away, and follow CDC guidelines to the core.

  1. Check-on Them Regularly:

Covid-19 is a contagious disease that is equally infectious. Thus, if you want the safety of seniors, then run basic errands for them. This includes buying groceries, medicines, and helping with household chores. Not only this step will ease the anxiety but also protect them from infection.

  1. Help Them Take Mind of a Few Things:

Activities like watching TV, movies, listening to podcasts, can greatly help the elderly from stressing. You can also encourage them to listen to audiobooks which will take their minds off a few things.

How Tribeca Care is Helping People in this Pandemic?

Tribeca Care is a platform that needs no introduction. The eldercare organization has introduced an array of services for helping seniors amidst the pandemic. These include:

  • A 24 x 7 emergency response that helps in arranging ambulances and admitting patients to hospitals.
  • Remote health monitoring for all seniors through telemedicine.
  • Providing a fleet of nurses and attendants with ICU/ITU facility at home.

As the whole nation grapples with the health threat, older adults are the ones who need extra care. To help them battle isolation, cognitive changes, and physical health conditions, we have to provide support in every way. Try inculcating the above points reassure them that they are remembered every time.

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