COVID-19 Services by TriBeca Care

In these critical times, some platforms are working diligently toward improving the home care sector. Tribeca Care is one of them. Our Home Health Care platform has a laundry list of services that helps seniors in many ways. Among these, the COVID-19 services provided by the platform have raked in loads of attention.

Here in this blog below, we will see what all services are being provided.

What are the COVID-19 home care services provided by Tribeca Care?

Tribeca Care is one such platform in the country that has always held the bandwagon for senior care. The platform has even raised the bar higher with health care services, which help loved ones in many ways.

Thus, to aid seniors, Tribeca Care has launched a list of COVID-19 services to help combat the ongoing darkwave:

  1. Home Health Care through 24-Hour ICU/ITU Nurses and Attendants:

Specialized home health care solutions for COVID-19 patients are available with Tribeca Care. COVID-19 home isolated and discharged patients for confirmed, mild cases can now book 24-hour ICU/ITU nurses and attendants at the comforts of your home. We provide complete home health care solutions for COVID-19 negative, recovering patients. COVID-19 testing at home is also available with the help of Tribeca.

Our trained nurses/hospital brothers are strictly following all the necessary COVID protocols suggested by the government.

  1. Remote Health Monitoring for COVID-19 patients:

 According to the latest government rules, patients suffering from asymptomatic and mild-symptomatic conditions can easily stay in home isolation. Tribeca Care has taken a step forward to help elders suffering from these symptoms.

We offer complete COVID-19 care packages for remote monitoring of the vitals on a day-to-day basis at home. You can call our helpline number at +91 3366064208. to know more about these services.

  1. Medical Devices

Tribeca Care provides post-hospitalization devices for both COVID-19 positive and negative patient care at home. We provide critical care devices like ventilators, monitors, BiPap machines, oxygen concentrators, nebulizers, BP machines, pulse oximeters, and suction machines.

Tribeca also provides home sanitization solutions to check the viral spread.

We also provide sleep devices, mobility solutions, and home safety solutions.

It is true that the COVID-19 wave is not going to end anytime soon. In this precarious scenario, taking care of the elderly has become truly mandatory. Thus, to keep loved ones safe, opt for COVID-19 services by Tribeca Care, and help them battle health hazards easily.

If you need further help or advice, give us a call. TriBeCa Care is happy to be by your side. Request a callback or call us at + 913366064208. Email us at