10 Benefits of Counselling in Dementia

Imagine if you get up one day and have no recollection of what you did the day before. As scary as it sounds, Dementia is one such condition. They lose the faculty of thought and communication. Although it’s not a physical ailment, coping with it is extremely difficult for the individual as well as their family members. While this condition is irreversible, it can be managed with a lot of care and some counselling.

Some of the benefits of counselling in dementia are as follows:

1. Helps you understand the ailment

When just diagnosed with the condition, it gets very difficult to understand and accept it. But, with the right communication and counselling, it can reduce your worries.

2. Helps get your life back on track

Once anyone in your family is diagnosed with dementia, life just gets hard post that. Counsellors with their constant support and various ways to help families adjust and get accustomed to these changes.

3. Helps manage emotions

One of the benefits of counselling is the fact that counsellors understand your emotions, find ways to channelize it and help you keep them in check.

4. Helps fight anxiety and depression

People diagnosed with dementia often suffer from high anxiety and depression mainly due to the ailment and its effect, and counselling helps in calming their nerves.

5. Helps in smooth role reversal

According to research, people suffering from dementia are usually above the age of 60 years. At such times, the children become the parents and in order to come to terms with this change, counselling is the most effective.

6. Helps deal with social stigma and identity loss

When one suffers from dementia, it has a great impact on one’s personal identity and is a cause for social stigma.With the help of counselling, one can find answers to several unanswered questions and develop a new sense of identity.

7. Helps embrace a new identity

As already mentioned, dementia causes memory loss due to which one often doesn’t recognize themselves. At such times, counselling offers them a new identity and teaches them how to embrace it whole-heartedly.

8. Helps support through systems

Numerous services offer support to people suffering from dementia and their caregivers, and through counselling you can connect with the right people.

9. Helps caregivers understand situation better

Lack of knowledge makes caregivers stressed out or short-tempered towards the person suffering from dementia. Counselling helps caregivers to be more aware and handle the situation better.

10. Help sort difficulties in relationships

Such conditions can often put a lot of stress on a relationship. Hence, opting for counselling at such times is always a great way of focusing on the important things and working on the relationship.

The benefits of counselling for dementia are plenty and it’s just about giving it that one chance. There have been many instances where counselling has helped individuals suffering from dementia and their families come out of tough times and cope with dementia in a much better way.

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