Diwali Celebration at TriBeCa Care

Diwali celebrations at

All work and no play is not something that we look up to. For us we try to maintain a happy yet healthy work atmosphere here at TriBeCa Care. We are blessed to be have a canvas of culture in our work community. All festivals are celebrated equally here.

On the 26th of October, 2019 we celebrated the festival of lights, Diwali at TriBeCa Care. Everyone came decked up. The whole office was decorated with diyas and flowers. The main essence of any festival comes from the spirit of togetherness. The whole decoration was done by all of us itself. It was so much fun making those flower rangolis, lighting those tea lights.

There are some really amazing photographs from the day, but they are numbered. We were so busy creating memories that freezing those moments and clicking selfies took a backseat. We decorated the office all by ourself.

There was also a game which was planned for the staffs named- Treasure Hunt. Gifts were hidden at various corners of the office and there were chits which had clues written for them as to where to find the gifts. The staffs were divided into groups for the game. The individual who collected the maximum of the hidden gifts won a prize.

Just after a brief speech by the CEO Mr.Prateep Sen, the top 3 Care Managers were awarded. Soon to the followed the game of Treasure Hunt. In no time the whole office turned into a gaming arena where contestants were running from one corner to another to hunt the hidden treasure. The game was played in all it’s spirits.

Following to that, our food arrived. The whole office sat together chatting their hearts out over the food. They were sharing their stories, how they had joined the organisation and many more. There was mirth everywhere. We wrapped the present for our elderly members-the photographs sent to us by their kids, hand wrote every message and sent them with our Care Managers.

Even though we all were in a festive mood, but work never took a backseat. We were all well aware of our responsibilities and share of work. We eventually wrapped up the work which were assigned and left for our respective homes. It was yet another memorable day that we had at TriBeCa Care.


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