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We at TriBeCa Care are always in search of ways to make our elderly members feel special. On this International Day of the Elderly, we had asked the next of kins of our members to share their favourite picture with their parents and in no time we were flooded with so many adorable photographs. We were overwhelmed with such a massive response in almost no time.

As promised, in a day’s time all the pictures were put up on our official website in a specially created album- Memory Wall. Our Memory Wall just came alive with all those lovely photographs of our members happily posing with their kids.

In no time we got busy planning for Diwali. While thinking as to how to make this Diwali even brighter for our elderly members, we were struck with the idea that why not bring them back few of their sweetest memories. When talking about their SWEETEST MEMORIES, what can be sweeter than those lovely moments spent with their kids. To add on that, we asked their kids to sent us some special notes which they would like us to read out to their parents.

On that note, we got all those lovely photographs sent by you framed, hand wrote your special notes on the cards and sent them to your parents through our Care Managers. The feedback we got was priceless. As reported to us by our Care Managers, every single member on receiving the Diwali gift was elated beyond words.

The happiness that showed in their eyes was a direct reflection of the joy in their hearts. Nostalgia brought the tears of happiness in their eyes. They kept staring at the photographs for sometime as time paused for them. Some also made sure that the photographs are kept adjacent to their beds or places where they spend most of their time. Seeing our elderly members so happy undoubtedly added the Happy to our Diwali.

Nothing could have made our Diwali brighter than the bright smiles of our elderly members.

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