Diwali Risks for the Elderly

cautions for elderly in Diwali

Kali Puja/Diwali is known to be that time of the year when people celebrate with friends and family. Diwali, also known as the Festival of Lights, is never complete without elaborate fireworks. Fireworks add life to the celebrations.

However, firecrackers have a flipside to them. The smoke and noise can cause serious issues, especially among people suffering from chronic health problems, children, as well as the elderly.

While children are supervised by their parents, we often tend to overlook the problems of our elderly parents, grandparents, and loved ones.

As a person grows older, the health declines. This is more apparent in people aged 60 and above. The normal functions of the body begin to deteriorate. The body’s defence mechanism slows down, leading to serious illnesses.

There are two main ways in which firecrackers prove harmful to the elderly:

Smoke Pollution

It is advisable for elderly people to stay away from the toxic fumes of the firecrackers. People with asthma, rhinitis, bronchitis or other chronic pulmonary conditions should take special care to not be exposed to the smoke emanating from fireworks. The smoke often contains lead, cadmium, or other heavy metals that could cause severe breathing disorders. People who are suffering from lung or cardiac trouble should also take extra precautions.

The smoke stays in the air for a few days post the firecracker-burning, so it is better to keep risks to a minimum and stay careful for upto a week after Diwali.

Noise Pollution

The noise of bursting crackers can causes serious health issues to the elderly, including tiredness, sleeplessness, loss of appetite, headaches, stress, mood swings and even visual impairment. It is best to use ear plugs for the elderly if your area witnesses a large amount of burning firecrackers. It is also advisable to keep the elderly indoors to reduce the impact of noise on them.


Take care so that your loved ones are safe and healthy during the festive season. If you see any deterioration in health as a result of smoke and sound pollution, consult a geriatric trained doctor.

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Have a Happy Diwali!

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