10 Psychological Effects of Grandparents on Children

With the urbanization of lifestyle, parents in joint families rely on the grandparents to look after their children. The reason can be limited resources or funds while you are away at work. They say that spending a few hours with their grandchildren can make grandparents feel young again. But no one gives much attention to the psychological effects grandparents might have on a child.

Living with grandparents today is a matter of luck as modern-age living and space crunch advocate nuclear families.

“Nobody can do for little children what grandparents can do. Grandparents sort of sprinkle stardust over the lives of little children.” – Alex Haley

As we celebrate International Family Day today, let’s witness some of the positive psychological impacts on grandkids who are raised by their grandparents.

1. Sharing a close bond

Many of us often underestimate and don’t realize the close bond shared between grandparents and their grandchildren. The psychological effects of grandparents can be rewarding for your child.

2. Experiencing unparalleled love

Kids who grow up under the care of their grandparents experience true love at a very young age. This makes them more loving and caring as they grow up.

3. A friend for life

Bridging the generation gap, a grandparent can be the first and forever friend in a child’s life. This, in turn, makes them more approachable and understanding towards others in the long run. This International Family Day, allow your kids to forge a friendship for life.

4. A better understanding of their family history

Having knowledge of where you come from and your ancestral history can make kids more resilient. This can only happen when you have grandparents around.

5. Having a built-in support system

Research revealed that kids who share a close relationship with their grandparents tend to suffer from lesser behavioral and emotional issues.

6. Making children more confident

Grandparents give grandchildren a sense of family and this makes them more confident and less troublesome in school and towards others.

7. Kids help grandparents live longer

This may not be directly related to the psychological effects of grandparents. But having grandparents around for a longer period of time is always beneficial for a kid.

8. Children are less prejudiced

Everyone is going to age at some point. But having a grandparent at home will make kids less prejudiced against other old people.

9. Protect kids from depression

In this day and age, every other person is suffering from depression. So, having a grandparent around helps kids enhance their mental capacity by exposing them to new ideas.

10. Passing on the baton of knowledge

Undeniably, grandparents have a wealth of knowledge. Their knowledge, learnings, and experiences are equal to no other. This is why having a grandparent is one of the best things that can happen to a grandchild. They transfer this learning and experience to their grandchildren. Thus, making them ready to face whatever life has in store for them.

There are no two ways about the fact that raising a child can be a challenging job, when you have the support of grandparents, things become comparatively easier for the parents. Just having them around your kids can have positive psychological effects on children because this makes them more resilient. So, this International Family Day, take out the time and let the bond between your kids and your parents grow stronger and more meaningful.

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