10 tips for Foot Care if you have Diabetes

Do you suffer from diabetes? Is diabetes a long withstanding problem in your family? If the answer is yes, then you need to know why it is important to take care of your feet when you’re a diabetic. Instead of ignoring your feet woes completely, you can try out these 10 simple tricks. A good foot care routine proves to be highly effective care against diabetes.

1. Examine your feet daily

Examining our feet is one of the simplest things, yet we don’t do it regularly. While inspecting, keep an eye for cuts, swellings, blisters, red spots – anything that otherwise wasn’t there before.

2. Wash your feet religiously

A dirty foot is a home ground for germs that cause infections. Hence, wash your feet every day including the regions between your toes, behind your ankle and under your feet. Using lukewarm water with a soft scrub is a good foot care regime.

3. Avoid growing your toenails

It is always advisable to trim your toenails and file the edges to smoothen them out. Longer nails cause dirt to accumulate that might prove to be bad for someone with diabetes.

4. Always keep your feet dry

As the area between your toes is pretty vulnerable, it’s easy for skin to break when your feet are wet. Wet feet mean an invitation to germs and infection. Hence, remove your shoes and socks and wash your sweaty feet, but make sure you also dry them instantly.

5. Wear good quality socks

There are special diabetic socks available in the market that not only offer you comfort but also take very good care of your feet.

6. Give up smoking

Smoking is injurious to health, especially for someone suffering from diabetes. With a reduced blood flow to the body, healing of wounds and cuts take a longer time than usual, and if you smoke, then it aggravates even more.

7. Check your blood sugar levels

Keep the blood circulation to your feet normal by keeping a tab on your blood sugar levels. Take your medication and insulin regularly, follow a healthy diet and be physically active.

8. Exercise is a must

There’s no alternative to a great exercise routine and we stand by that. Starting with something as simple as walking can prove to be beneficial for your overall health and would be a great foot care routine.

9. Moisturize your feet

Your feet deserve all the love that they can get. Apply moisturizer at least once a day to infuse life into your dry feet and nourish them thoroughly.

10. Opt for a foot check-up

Get a foot examination done if you feel there is any concern that your doctor needs to be notified about right away or check for any foot ailment.

If you are suffering from diabetes and haven’t followed the above-mentioned tips up until now, we suggest you do it right away. Try out these simple methods and give your feet the foot care regime that it truly deserves.

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