5 Diseases you can have if you have Diabetes

India had more than 69.2 million people suffering from diabetes in 2015, according to World Health Organization (WHO), and this figure is increasing with each passing year. If you look for the words ‘diabetes statistics’ on Google, you’ll come face-to-face with some shocking facts related to this ailment that is going to leave you alarmed.
One of the facts within these statistics states that diabetes is a major cause of other chronic and life-threatening diseases. However, there are ways in which you can minimize the risks as well as reduce complications.

Diabetes is a lifestyle disorder and a way of healthy living can help you fight the disease and its side effects.

You are at risk of these 5 common disorders if you have diabetes:

1. Loss of Vision

Diabetes can have a direct impact on your eyesight. The abnormal formation of blood vessels in your retina can lead to acute vision problems and eventually lead to blindness. Diabetic patients can develop diseases like glaucoma or cataract. Hence, it’s imperative to keep your blood sugar levels in check. Opt for regular eye check-ups to be on the safer side.

2. Heart Ailments or Stroke

Not many are aware of this fact, but cardiovascular disease is one of the major causes of death among diabetic individuals. An increase in blood sugar levels causes unnecessary fat formation in your blood vessels. This doesn’t let your body function freely, causing a stroke or an attack.

3. Kidney Diseases

It’s discovered that a majority of individuals who suffer from diabetes also have kidney ailments of some kind. High blood pressure is usually the main cause of kidney diseases to arise, and having diabetes can just elevate this condition to something serious.

4. Amputations

We have time and again laid emphasis on taking care of your feet if you suffer from diabetes. People suffering from diabetes are prone to several foot ailments as even something as simple as a cut can take a lot of time to heal, leading to an infection. Such infections become difficult to treat, thus leading to amputations. Always check your feet for some cuts or bruises and get them checked at once.

5. Nerve Dysfunction

An excess level of blood sugar clogs your nerves, making it difficult for oxygen to reach that part of your body. These unnecessary deposits narrowing your blood vessels give rise to a nerve disorder called neuropathies. You might feel a tingling sensation, numbness, or even pain, which might be due to diabetic neuropathy.

Diabetes isn’t just a one-man army; it brings with it other diseases that can be equally life-threatening. Instead of worrying, it’s always better to stay safe by keeping a tab on your blood sugar and blood pressure levels. If you’re diabetic, go for regular monthly body check-ups and keep yourself out of harm’s way.
In case you detect any infection or some other symptoms pointing out any one of the above-mentioned ailments, don’t think twice, just consult your doctor at once.

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