5 Signs Your Parents Are Unable To Live Alone

Aging can be difficult, especially if you are dealing with your parents growing older and feebler. It becomes a lot more tricky as there is a high chance of relationships getting married. But did you know that despite all these difficulties, it is risky to let your parents live independently?

In India, the scenario of senior citizens living alone has become quite common in recent years. Blame it on the concept of nuclear family or children moving out for jobs, ultimately parents are left alone. There are other potential hazards to combat along with physical deterioration for parents who are living alone.

Let us discuss the tell-o-tale signs that your parents should stop living alone.

5 Signs Which Tell You that Your Parents Are Unable To Live Alone
  1. A Sudden Loss in Weight:

One of the prime factors to check is weight loss. Unexpected weight loss is triggered by several reasons, out of which poor nutrition, and Alzheimer’s take center stage. If this is the case, the best thing to do is to move your parents to an assisted-living facility or appoint a full-time caregiver.

  1. The Home is Stacked with Unopened Mail:

Keep an eye on the heaps of mail they receive. If there are several envelopes from charities and creditors, then it is high time to take action. Aging impairs cognitive abilities which leads to unnecessary expenditure. This can be averted if the concept of the elderly living alone in India is stopped.

  1. Personal Hygiene is at Stake:

We all know that aging causes memory loss. This becomes a problematic area for seniors as they start neglecting daily hygiene. If you feel that your parents are neglecting their care routine then it’s time to prevent their independent living.

  1. Home is Messy and Unclean:

Daily chores are tedious jobs to take care of during old age. Thus, for all senior citizens living alone, this comes across as a red flag. Check out for dirty dishes in the pantry or leftover food in the fridge. If you find them, then it is advisable to move your parents to assisted living.

  1. They Forget Their Medications:

Our bodies become dependent on medication during the second innings. If you see that old people living alone in India, are skipping medicines regularly, it is clear that parents are unable to live alone.

Although many people would insist on living alone even into their golden years, we think otherwise. Check for the above signs and if you find any of them applies to your loved ones, take the necessary steps immediately. Your parents were the support system for you for all these years. Now it is your time to take care of them in the best way possible. Negligence of health, nutrition, hygiene, or safety can have a serious impact on the quality of their lives. This in turn can take months or years off their lives. We would like our loved ones to live happily and peacefully to the full extent of their life terms. Compromising our duty or responsibility will only cause us regrets and unhappiness.

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