5 Ways to Meet the Emotional Needs of Elderly People

Most of us associate old age with loss of bodily functions. We envision a time when we will not be able to read because our eyesight will weaken; a time when we will no longer be able to go for long walks because our legs will not be strong enough to carry us or a time when we will need a hearing aid just to be able to converse with people. What we do not account for is the lack of companionship and the emotional void that old age brings with it. There are elder care services in the city that provide care and companionship to the elderly.

With age come problems with mobility. This inevitably leads to feelings of insecurity, especially in elderly people who live alone. Feeling secure is paramount for them. To aid this, there should be additional locks installed on doors and an eyehole so that they can see who it is at the door before they open.

In the elderly, the sense of self-worth diminishes with decreasing attention from other members of the family and society. They become like children who need attention all the time. Younger family members should stay in touch with old parents or grandparents. It is a great way of telling them that they are still loved and needed.

Losing the ability to move around freely or the loss of bodily functions are things that elderly people are anxious about. They constantly worry about what the consequences might be if they are no longer able to take care of themselves on a day-to-day basis. This is precisely why they should be encouraged to do some things by themselves. This will give them a sense of independence. Hobbies like gardening should also be encouraged. This will give them a sense of purpose.

The elderly need privacy as much as any adult human being. They should be free to do what they like doing in the privacy of their own homes, without judgment or criticism. After all, they have lived a full life as adult human being for a long time.

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The elderly need to stay emotionally connected to family and friends. As time progresses and life evolves, the emotional needs of people change. The elderly go through a gamut of emotions as they age. Loneliness is one of the major feelings that an elderly person experiences. With advancing age, friend circles become progressively smaller. Children grow up and move away. They need to bond emotionally with someone or the other to fulfil their emotional craving.

To know that there is someone who is going to be by their side if anything goes wrong, is important for the elderly. Elder care services not only provide emergency support services but also satisfy the emotional craving of the elderly. A geriatric caregiver is a shoulder to cry on; a friend in need. We at TriBeca Care understand how important it is to fulfil the emotional needs of the elderly.

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