7 Monsoon Care Tips for the Elderly

As the heat persists and keeps rising all across India, the only thing that all of us keep praying for is the monsoon season to arrive soon and take away the heat.

While many of us find rain to be a welcome change, it’s not always the same for the elderly. The rains bring their own set of problems in the form of viral infections and health issues that affect their immunity. Hence, monsoon care for the elderly becomes vital during such times.

So, how can you ensure that seniors citizen in your family or neighborhood don’t get affected by infections during this season?

1. Make them drink warm water

One of the easiest things that can get contaminated during the rainy season is water.  Hence, during monsoons, we find numerous waterborne diseases like cholera, typhoid, etc. So, it’s better to drink warm water and even use warm water for bathing and other purposes and keep the elderly on the safer side.

2. Say ‘NO’ to street food

Monsoon is one such season that tempts you to enjoy some street food. But for senior citizens, it’s advisable to avoid street food during the rainy season. This is just one of the monsoon care rituals that you must follow if you have some elders at home.

3. Boost their immunity

Take our word for it, but it’s always best to boost the immunity levels of senior citizens before the monsoon season arrives. Cough and cold are common conditions that easily affect elders and target their immunity systems. You must ensure that they eat nuts, almonds, corn, and grains. These food items help boost their immunity to a great level.

4. Practice cleanliness

Hygiene in every aspect of your life is vital, but hygiene plays a crucial role when it comes to the rainy season. Dengue is a very common disease during the monsoons and this is mainly due to mosquitoes thriving in wet areas. Micro-organisms grow in wet conditions, which is why it’s important to keep your surroundings dry and clean.

5. Follow a nutritional diet

During the monsoon season, the digestive capacity of senior citizens is said to be at the lowest point.  At such times, it’s important that you include fruits, vegetables, green leafy veggies, and any fiber-rich diet. Fruits such as pears, bananas, and apples can improve their digestion.

6. Use insect repellents

The onset of monsoon means the emergence of mosquitoes, insects, flies, and many such creatures. As a part of monsoon care, you need to use mosquito coils, repellents, nets and clean off stagnated water from your surroundings.

7. Protective gear while stepping out

If you ask us, going out of the house for the elderly during the monsoons is a big no. But if they really have to step out, then it’s good to keep them protected from the showers with the help of an umbrella or a raincoat.

They say ‘prevention is better than cure’. When it comes to monsoon care for the elderly, we totally agree with the statement. There’s no harm in enjoying the monsoon season, but when it comes to senior citizens, it’s better to stay one step ahead and maintain precaution.