7 Ways to Motivate Your Ageing Parents

Studies suggest that individuals who continuously challenge their minds by partaking in new activities and learning new skills are the ones to keep feelings of depression and loneliness at bay. If we look closely, this finding isn’t only applicable to the younger lot. This stands true for the older generation too. If your parents have aged, it’s more vital than ever to keep your parents motivated by involving them in activities.

But what are the activities and how do you keep them engaged in activities? Here are some activities to keep your parents motivated and engaged.

1. Find a senior exercise program in your area

If there are any parks near your home, take your parents there and keep them engaged in activities that include other senior citizens like them. Moreover, numerous senior exercise programs are conducted in parks like laughter clubs, yoga, and others. This is a great way to get your parents out of their homes and keep them motivated.

2. Enjoy a game now and then

Who said that games are only for kids? Board games, word games, and card games can be highly entertaining and engaging for all age groups. You can always choose a game that you both enjoy playing, and this way you get to spend time with each other over an exciting game.

3. Enroll them in a book club

In case your parents are into reading or are voracious readers, you can encourage this habit of theirs. Helping them join a book club fuels this interest of theirs and gives your loved ones an activity that keeps them interested and engaged. Enquire at your nearest libraries, and bookstores. In case, there are no book clubs, you can always start one and call people who are close to your parents and share the same hobby.

4. Give them company while cooking

Cooking can help you de-stress. You can keep your parents motivated and engaged by giving them access to the kitchen, for them to whip up some new delicacy. This way their minds are occupied and they have something new to do.

5. Head out to the museum

If your parents prefer to spend time in a calm and quiet place, then take them to the museum. Instead of going out on the weekends, you can choose a day during the weekday when it’s less crowded.

6. Involve them in gardening

Gardening can be therapeutic and this is one of the best ways to keep your parents engaged in activities. When you make your parents a part of something from scratch, it automatically becomes their baby and they can keep coming back to it and watch their plants grow.

7. Pamper them in the best way

Book them for a relaxing massage session, or a manicure or pedicure session. Moreover, you can just take some lotion and give your parents a nice massage to rejuvenate them.

It’s important to remember that your parents are at an age where they need you the most. Loneliness can instantly take over their minds, so it’s vital to keep them engaged in activities. Try spending time with them through the activities mentioned above and keep your parents motivated and active always.

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