An Interview with Odisha Bytes

In an interview with Odisha Bytes, Prateep Sen – Co-Founder & Director, Tribeca Care speaks about the need for 24/7 Emergency Support for the elderly living alone. He highlights how elder care services launched in Bhubaneswar and Cuttack can change the lives of hundreds of families who are struggling with the care of elderly loved ones. “In an emergency, our job does not end with sending an ambulance. The care managers go to the hospital, interact with doctors, admit the patients, provide the insurance details and ensure that all things are well taken care of,” added Mr. Sen.

TriBeCa Care happens to be India’s first comprehensive Elder Care Platform that provides end-to-end care. We provide an all-encompassing service that concerns senior citizens, senior care, senior health, and managing emergencies at home in Bhubaneswar. Our elder care services are designed to bring you the peace of mind you deserve while you are away from home.

How was TriBeCa born?

“I was worried about my mother staying in Kolkata alone. This was the case with a lot of people, whose parents were left to fend for themselves with children having moved to other cities. So was born TriBeCa Care. Over the years, we had requests pouring in to start the facility in other cities. We picked Bhubaneswar since it was not far from Kolkata, was large enough, and had a sizeable middle-class population. And my friend opened his home from where we run our office now,” Prateep said.

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Elder Care Services in Bhubaneswar

It is very important to keep a constant check on both the mental and physical health of the elderly.  Cities like Bhubaneswar and Kolkata are changing every day which in turn is becoming a new challenge for the elderly. Especially for situations like emergencies, it is advisable to prepare yourself beforehand.

Tribeca Care provides 24×7 emergency responses to help senior citizens with hospitalization, home nursing, trained care managers, and elder care in Bhubaneswar.

Join our growing TriBeCa Family and discover peace of mind. To find out how we work or ask any questions that you may have, talk to our Elder Care Experts. Call us at 033 66064208 or email us at You can also visit our website: