At 70 my Father Fought my Drug Abuse

“Addiction destroys everything in its path. Getting out of the way is the most loving form of detachment you can practice.”

Although this is true, getting out of addiction can be the most difficult thing to do. At such times, more than you, it’s your family that becomes a victim of addiction. But, if anyone can help you overcome this dreaded phase, then it can only be your family. This is where you need your family the most. And today on International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking, I know I was lucky that my father at the age of 70 was with me every step of the way, as I fought this dreaded drug abuse.

When I remember those days, the first thing that strikes me is how I found it really difficult to accept the fact that I had an addiction. At this time, my father was the one who gave me a reality check and made me aware that I had an addiction.

He also knew that I used to steal money from his wallet and had also stolen his debit card sometimes. Even after knowing all this, he understood that this is not who I was. He had faith that this was just an addiction that had taken over me. He helped me overcome this phase in the best way possible.

To begin with, he learned everything there was to learn about addiction. When it comes to drug addiction, education and awareness are vital. Once my father knew about drug abuse, he became more confident about how to help me treat and conquer this addiction.

He got me checked into rehab and came in to check on me every week. While it seemed to be a cakewalk at first, once the effect of the drugs wore off, I found myself in a miserable state again. The only feeling I felt was that if I didn’t get any drugs, I would die. But, the only thing that kept me going was my father. He always listened to how I felt rather than judging me or berating me.

Drug addiction brings with it a lot of consequences. But before any of the consequences could turn out to be something negative, my father researched, understood, and enrolled us in a family therapy session. This session helped me and my family overcome the guilt and stress that arises during this time.

He got me focused on the smaller joys of life. Things like daily exercising, learning new things like photography, and volunteering. He accompanied me to the follow-ups that ensured that I didn’t have a relapse.

It’s been a strenuous and tiresome journey for me and for my father. Loneliness, frustration, stress, shame, anger, anxiety, and hopelessness had gotten the better of me. But through my journey of drug abuse, my father has stood by me like a rock.

As I recall this phase of drug abuse and compare it to who I am today. It’s only because of my father and his faith in me that I beat drug addiction and have recovered completely to lead a normal life.

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