Bhai Phota Celebrations in Snehodiya

Bhai Phota is an important festival for all brothers and sisters across India. It is an auspicious occasion when sisters seek the blessings of their brothers. However, this year the celebrations took a backseat.

The darkwave of Covid-19 has not only limited the festivities but has even made the people lonely. One of the larger demographics affected by this threat is seniors. However, this Bhai Phota came as a fun time for older adults dwelling in Snehodiya. The luxurious old age homes in Kolkata had a celebration that will be remembered for years to come.

How do seniors in Snehodiya celebrate Bhai Phota?

Snehodiya is nothing less than a retirement haven for older adults. The luxurious old age home is the brainchild of HIDCO corporation headed by Mr Debashis Sen.

It is the futuristic vision of Mr Debashis Sen that has helped Snehodiya transform into a five-star venue for seniors. This year with the help and support of Tribeca Care, Snehodiya has even raised the bar higher.

The old-age home saw Bhai Phota celebrations in full pomp during these unprecedented times. Snehodiya helped with the celebrations with all the safety norms

For Bengalis, Bhai Phota is more than a festival. It is a celebration of the lovely bond shared between brothers and sisters. The onset of COVID-19 has already made life difficult for seniors. Right from social distancing norms and isolation older adults are already facing a tough time.

Bhai Phota is indeed a festival of love and support shared by siblings. But that doesn’t mean safety norms shall fall behind. Snehodiya ensured that all sisters who came to visit their brothers had their masks on and are following all safety precautions suggested by the government.

Seniors already are suffering a lot due to this ongoing pandemic. This thoughtful initiative by Snehodiya has not only made the older adults happy but also supported them mentally.

However, this would not be possible without the support of Mr Debashis Sen. It is his vision that has transformed this luxurious old age home in Kolkata into a peaceful abode for seniors.

Indeed, COVID-19 and its impact will not curb shortly. But that doesn’t mean celebrations shall be halted. Snehodiya has set an example that by following safety precautions every moment can be made enjoyable.

It is the commendable efforts of Snehodiya that has helped seniors enjoy the normal routine of life easily. In Snehodiya, seniors will not feel the pangs of loneliness; instead, they can enjoy their life easily.