Care Manager for Seniors: Providing Compassionate Support

Care Manager for Seniors: Providing Compassionate Support

It was just another day at my work. I reached Sipra Aunty’s place around 10 am and accompanied her to the dentist. The doctor checked her and while writing out the prescription he asked “Is she your daughter?” to this Aunty replied, “Yes, she is the younger one and the older one is settled in the US and the younger one looks after us here in Kolkata”. The ‘just another day’ became one the most memorable day in my life. Hearing such a thing from a person who is not even a close acquaintance was a big thing for me. There is an immense contrast between a daughter and a daughter. She was addressing me as her daughter made an imperative impact on me that day.

As a care manager for seniors, I found my job extremely satisfying and fulfilling. Working with seniors has allowed me to gain a wealth of knowledge and experience, not just about caregiving, but about life in general. I get to hear stories about their life experiences and learn from their wisdom, which has broadened my perspective.

One of the best things about being a care manager was the flexibility in scheduling, which has allowed me to balance my personal life and work life. Moreover, I felt a sense of pride and satisfaction in my work, knowing that I was positively impacting someone’s life. I gained a sense of accomplishment from seeing the seniors under my care thrive and improve their quality of life.

Helping elderly people is a boon and a responsibility that we should all take seriously. As people age, their physical and mental capabilities decline, making it difficult to carry out daily activities and maintain their independence. This is where our support and assistance can make a significant difference in their lives. As individuals, we can offer our time and companionship to elderly people, engage them in conversations, and involve them in activities that they enjoy.

As a Care Manager for Seniors, I learned some skills which increased my ability to be detail-oriented. However, the rewards of working with the elderly are worth the effort. Not only is it a crucial job for our society, but it is also an extremely rewarding one.

Often we see that social isolation and loneliness can significantly affect the physical and mental health of elders whose children are away. Therefore, it is crucial to encourage purposeful activities that involve social interaction for their well-being.

Caregiving becomes an exciting field to work in due to the prospect of continuous professional development and significant job security, driven by the increasing demand for care managers from the aging population.

In conclusion, working with senior citizens is not just a job but also a calling. It offers a unique opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life and to gain valuable life lessons. I am grateful for my current job and I find it both rewarding and satisfying.

This article has been contributed by – Shinjini Podder

Elder Care Coordinator at Tribeca Care Pvt. Ltd.