Celebrate a Senior Friendly Diwali 2020

The festival of lights is finally here and the wave of excitement has started to gain momentum. However, this year Diwali is not a time to rejoice. In fact, it is time that we take extra precautions for people we love, especially seniors because they are the sensitive sect of our society and need additional care.

As Diwali 2020 is here, senior safety becomes one of the major concerns. Whether it’s air pollution or noise pollution, they become intolerant to both and their health gets impacted.

There is no denying that the older generation is most affected by the COVID-19 dark wave. The social distancing norms coupled with loneliness are enough to curb the zeal and excitement of senior citizens, and when it’s the festive season- it’s even more depressing.

Then the question of ‘how to make Diwali for the elderly safe’ arises. Here are some ground rules for the festival which will help us keep them safe and healthy.

How to make Diwali for the elderly safe and friendly?

If we talk about the impact of Covid-19 in India, West Bengal is the worst affected state. The state has already witnessed a magnitude of air pollution that can be further amplified through firecrackers. All these along with the Covid-19 times will open doors for an array of pulmonary diseases like asthma and bronchitis.

Therefore, to combat potential health risks during Diwali 2020 celebrations, Tribeca Care has come up with these safety tips for seniors:

1. Say no to crackers and fireworks:

We all know that poisonous gases emitted from firecrackers exacerbate breathing problems. Starting from lung infection to grave diseases like Asthma and Bronchitis, the whole scenario just becomes deadly. Medical complications are bound to arise for the seniors and to prevent this start by saying no to crackers.

If we care a little about our elderly people, we need to evolve and switch to greener and healthier ways of celebrating festivals, saying no to crackers is one such change. It will not only make the environment livable for the seniors but also the people and animals in general. 

Senior-friendly Tip: For all those who want to enjoy festive fervor, invest in green crackers instead of regular ones. These have a 30 percent low emission rate and are environment-friendly, which makes them safe for seniors.

  1. Keep the noise level to a minimum:

Seniors have a high chance to get affected by not only the crackers but even their sounds. There are cases in which cracker sounds have even caused cardiac arrest and hearing problems for seniors. These warm and trembling hands need a peaceful festival, not the loud and vibrating scenario, which can rather make the occasion a nightmare.


Senior-friendly Tip: To make sure that older adults are safe from the proceedings, close the doors and windows of their rooms beforehand. There are soundproofing window sheets available in the market; you can cover the window panes and try making their rooms a cozy place. Also, you can prevent seniors from venturing out on the roads in the morning and evening.

  1. Wear masks more often:

The safety tips for Diwali 2020 are limited to the festival only. It is time to keep seniors safe even after the celebrations are over. It is true that the ongoing Diwali celebrations will surely call for an increase in the pandemic risks and a lot of polluting agents will continue to stay in the air for a long. Hence, it becomes important to wear masks whenever they venture out or are in the open air. Chronic airway diseases, lung infections, and cardiac arrest are the two most extreme cases which affect the older generation.


Senior-friendly Tip: For the safer side, make sure that seniors are constantly wearing effective masks which will protect them from pollution as well as allow them to breathe normally. There are plenty of face masks available for such purposes; you can find the one that matches your criteria and help prevent the seniors from getting an infection from airborne diseases.


Diwali crackers are known to generate aerosols, which will help spread COVID infection rapidly. Thus, to prevent major health hazards, it is time we take matters seriously and opt for an eco-friendly festival. Inculcate these tips mentioned above, and let us make the upcoming Diwali for the elderly safe and secure.

We will keep our emergency services open through Diwali. In case you feel discomfort reach out to us at +91 3366064208.