Celebrating Senior Citizen Day With Snehodiya

Beautiful young people are accidents of nature, but Beautiful Old People are works of Art.”– Eleanor Roosevelt

What they say is true, you only age when you feel old, otherwise, aging is just an extraordinary process. That’s exactly what Snehodiya makes every senior citizen feel. A retirement haven for senior citizens, Snehodiya has given a new lease of life to seniors who have always wished to live life on their terms.

Apart from the top-class amenities offered by Snehodiya, what makes this place a perfect institution for senior citizens is the atmosphere. As you age, it’s always better to keep their minds occupied, engage them in activities, and make them more active and connected to life, nature, and people.

But age is just a number and a concept for the elderly living at Snehodiya.  This dream destination for the elderly recently celebrated Senior Citizen Day with ample merriment.

On World Senior Citizen’s Day on 21st August, Snehodiya made this occasion a spectacular one. Snehodiya partnered with TriBeCa Care to organize the Senior Citizen’s Day Celebration at Snehodiya Senior Living.

World Senior Citizen’s Day is celebrated to support, honor and show appreciation to our seniors and to recognize the achievements and services they give throughout their lives. Senior Citizen Day celebrates the fact that these keepers of wisdom are staying with us longer each year, and in better health.

And Snehodiya left no stone unturned to make this event a grand one. The event commenced at 5 pm and was packed with seniors from all walks of life. They managed to capture the attention of every individual at the venue with a host of programs, specifically designed for them.

The care managers from TriBeCa performed songs and recitations. This inspired our lovely elderly members to also participate in the event. They came forward and sang songs with the care managers. Mrs. Roy recited a beautiful Bengali short poem for everyone. Her confidence and pro-activeness were well-appreciated.

The venue was abuzz with excited chatters, the elderly sharing memories, recalling the good old days. The care managers also arranged a quiz for the seniors. The seniors participated with full enthusiasm and Mr. A K Bose and Mr. S K Ghosh shared the first prize.

The interaction among the seniors was a delight to watch. Many of them shared their fond memories and experiences. Mrs. Guha shared her experience of living alone and how difficult sometimes aging can be. She inspired other seniors to be mentally strong and take life positively. Her courage is an inspiration to all.

The beautiful evening witnessed some exciting rendezvous. Refreshments and food were served as the event proceeded. The event was a grand success and senior citizens who were a part of this event took back a lifelong worth of memories.

As a brand dedicated to improving the lives of seniors, TriBeCa Care was elated to partner with Snehodiya and be a part of this event, and do our bit to spread joy in the lives of the elderly.

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