Combating Senior Isolation – A 5-Pronged Strategy

Isolation of senior citizens has become a major threat in our society and this is most keenly felt now, in times of Covid, when social distancing is the norm. Hapless children of elderly parents, pursuing a career away from home, are unable to even pay a visit. Nor can they urge relatives to break the barrier of social distancing and reach out to their loved ones. Under the circumstances, the isolation that senior citizens face can easily turn into anxiety, depression, and other physical and mental problems that are not easy to diagnose or cure.

Being in the business of eldercare, TriBeCa is conscious of this looming threat and has come up with a 5-pronged approach to combat senior isolation.

TriBeCa’s five-pronged approach to combat senior isolation


Our care managers offer the best company that a person can get. Ever smiling, these young men and women, visit their elderly wards in their homes, as often as required, and spend some quality time with them. At other times, they keep in touch over the telephone. Doing simple chit-chat, the care managers find out if there is anything they can help with or provide. During the lockdown, they have been regularly helping with grocery shopping, delivery of cooking gas, consultations with doctors, and the like.

Senior citizens are also encouraged to pick up the phone and call Tribeca’s “talk-to-me” number, whenever they feel the need to talk or discuss something.

Communication with loved ones

Care managers keep in touch not only with the elderly but also with their next of kin. Often times the care manager helps to connect the two and facilitate communication by bridging the gap that technology seeks to close. Care managers form an envelope of care around the senior citizens, together with their loved ones.


help at homeHelp at home

For those who need constant companionship and help at home, Tribeca Care arranges for efficient and competent nurses and caregivers, besides a care manager. The caregivers/nurses, are by the side of the senior citizens 12 to 24 hours a day, aware of every need of the old person, making sure their quality of life remains unaffected by difficulties.


Hobby classes

Tribeca organizes hobby classes for senior citizens to engage them in different activities. During the pandemic and lockdown, such classes were held online. Yoga sessions and book reading sessions deserve special mention here. Senior citizens are also encouraged to pursue their hobbies at home and share their work with Tribeca through the care managers.


Fun events

Tribeca organizes meetups for senior citizens to get together over a cup of tea or coffee, Occasionally, short trips/outings are also planned. However, the current pandemic situation forbids such events. Not to be thwarted, Tribeca has organized a writing competition for senior citizens. Read all about it here.

We are working on organizing more fun events for senior citizens; so keep an eye on this space.



The success of this 5-pronged approach, however, depends on your willingness to join hands with us in alleviating the isolation of your senior parents and other loved ones. Are you conscious of their isolation and loneliness? Are you aware that this may lead to serious problems in the not-so-distant future? If not, give it a thought. If yes, help us to help you and your senior loved ones.