Cyclone Yaas: Quick Safety Tips for the Elderly

According to the latest reports, Yaas has intensified into a Very Severe Cyclone. Experts think the storm is about to hit the coastal areas of Orissa, and West Bengal on May 26th, 2021. Cyclonic storm Yaas is very likely to make landfall between Balasore in north Odisha and Digha in West Bengal with a speed of 155 kmph to 165 kmph, gusting to 185 kmph, around noon on May 26. The cyclone will likely be accompanied by very heavy rainfall and will last up to Friday that is May 28th, 2021. Given the current COVID situation and the ongoing lockdown, this isn’t good news, especially for the senior citizens who live alone and are managing without domestic help.

However, there is no reason to panic. Here are a few do’s and don’ts to stay safe and comfortable until the storm blows over.


Cyclonic situations often result in power cuts, waterlogging, and problems in transmission lines. Therefore it is advisable to be ready for all eventualities:

  1. Keep your Care Manager’s number and Emergency Helpline Number handy so that you can contact them in case of any emergency.
  2. Buy your essentials. Stuff that you can eat without microwaves and induction plates.
  3. Keep other emergency phone numbers also available like local police, electric office, close relatives, and friends.
  4. Prepare for floods, and waterlogging.
  5. Buy whatever medicines you need for cold, cough, fever, loosies, vomiting, and indigestion.
  6. Buy jars of water as water will be contaminated after floods. Keep fresh water in stock for drinking/cooking.
  7. Charge your batteries, power backups, mobiles, and portable emergency lights.
  8. Buy candles, and matchboxes in advance.
  9. Don’t park your cars under trees.
  10. Secure scaffolding on your terraces with metal wires.
  11. Check your window latches.
  12. Keep some kind of backup solution for shattered windows.
  13. Have some frozen food items in stock.
  14. Plan your setup if you’re in a flood-prone area. If you live in or around the coastal areas and may need to be evacuated, contact the authorities early and let them know about your situation. The safety of senior citizens is considered a high priority under all circumstances.

During the storm and immediately after:

Govt of Kolata has also set up 24×7 control rooms to monitor Cyclone Yaas:

Ph No – 1070 & 033-22143526.

West Bengal electricity department ‘Cyclone Yaas’ helpline numbers:

8900793503 and 8900793504.

  1. Keep your doors and windows shut, but make sure you have enough ventilation.
  2. In case of thunder/lightning, unplug all electrical devices.
  3. Don’t venture out.
  4. Avoid using candles and lighters.

We, at TriBeCa Care, have your good health and safety at heart, always. Please feel free to reach out to your care coordinator or care manager for further assistance.

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