Durga Puja 2020: What to expect?

Coronavirus notwithstanding, ‘mal mash’ notwithstanding, Durga Puja will be celebrated in 2020! Ma Durga will arrive, in all her splendor and with her four children in tow. Here is her schedule:

Durga Puja 2020
  • Panchami: October 21
  • Shashthi: October 22
  • Saptami: October 23
  • Ashtami: October 24
  • Navami: October 25
  • Vijaya Dashami: October 26

Gear up for fun: It’s Puja time!

As usual, there will be pandals and pushpanjali, music, and food. But, there will also be safety measures for visitors and worshippers and of course, prayers to the Goddess to end the Corona menace.

It will be interesting to watch if and how the mighty Mahishasura is replaced by or merged with the tiny (but mightier?) corona.

Do’s and Don’ts for Senior Citizens:

True to our nature, we, at TribecaCare, are concerned about senior citizens, their happiness, and well-being during Durga Puja 2020. Here are some tips from our experts on how the elderly can enjoy the pujas this year and still be safe.

Shopping and new clothes:

Do: By all means, get yourselves new and auspicious clothes. Puja shopping is on! Start early.

Don’tvisit crowded shops and markets for your puja shopping.

Do Shop online. Take help from someone if required. Most online shops let you try and return/get a replacement within a stipulated time.

If possible, you might even call your local store-keeper to deliver the goods to you (while maintaining corona etiquette, i.e. mask and safe distance).

Do Exchange gifts. Gifts are an integral part of the celebrations and add to your joy. But before you even touch the gifts you receive, sanitize them or keep them apart until the germs, in any, are most certainly dead.

Puja Food:

Don’t plan on eating out this year – not even Prasad at the pandal. Your teenage grandchildren must also understand and follow these rules.

Do stock up materials to cook yummy dishes at home to enjoy with the family. As many people are working from home, this is the time to revive the tradition of making those Bijoya sweets together at home. (surely, the work-from-homers can spare some time to help with sweet making … and tasting!)

Pandal Hopping and Pushpanjali:

Don’t: Pandal hopping is a strict no-no this year, especially for senior citizens. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t see the best and the loveliest pandals and idols. What are TVs for?

Do: Enjoy watching Puja proceedings live on your television set and live internet channels. Rest assured, virtual pushpanjali will be enabled this year, even by your local puja pandal. So, have your puja shower, wear those lovely new clothes and offer your pushpanjali in the company of your family members, from the comfort of your home.

Don’t forget to click pictures of yourselves enjoying the festivities of Durga Puja 2020. This is a year we will all remember for a long time.


Don’t: No ‘kolakuli’ this year! Avoid visiting people or having guests at home this Bijoya. Avoid attending BijoyaSammilani in the club or community hall. This applies not just to you, but to all your family members who care about your safety and wellbeing.

Do: Participate in virtual BijoyaSammilanis.Exchange greetings virtually with relatives and friends – over video calls, if possible. Exchange sweets too, if you can order online or courier them.

However, keep your immediate family close together. Enjoy homemade sweets and food together – Durga Puja 2020 is a great opportunity for family bonding.

Medical emergencies:

Do: Keep our numbers handy and call us if you have any emergencies to deal with. We know how to navigate the streets during Durga Puja and get you help in time.

Our number – is 913366064208 or Request a callback

Don’t let your guard down, eat unhealthy food, or do anything that might compromise your health and wellness.

Durga Puja 2020 can be best enjoyed if you are healthy and safe.