Emergency Diary: Case Study #1

Here at TriBeCa Care, we have always delivered quick and efficient service during a medical emergency. We have handled over 6000 cases of medical emergencies. Our 24*7 emergency support is dispensed by our dedicated team of well-equipped healthcare professionals who can reach you in almost no time.

We have delivered reliable emergency support to our members in times of need. TriBeCa is aware of how important the emergency service is, especially for elderly people who live alone. We bring to one such case, where prompt measures were taken and the life of our elderly members was saved.

An account of a medical emergency handled by  TriBeCa Care.

On 21st December 2020, one of our elderly members suffered from an unforeseen neurological complication. If it was not attended to on time might have had some serious consequences. Mrs. Sengupta is eighty years old. She was confined to bed due to ailments from her advanced age. She lives in Brahmapur, Kolkata with her husband and her daughter, both of whom were afflicted with COVID-19 and were in isolation when this incident took place.

Supriyo Das, our Care Manager received a call at around 1:20 am from Mrs. Sengupta’s family.  Mrs. Sengupta had a sudden neurological complication that required immediate medical attention.

She also had a medical history of high blood pressure (hypertension) which made her susceptible to serious complications. Supriyo arrived at her place within 10 minutes and availed of the nearest ambulance service. He had the foresight to admit her to Peerless Hospital, the nearest multispecialty hospital, which was well known for its superior quality emergency care.

They reached the hospital within another 15 minutes. Supriyo admitted Mrs. Sengupta immediately to the emergency. Meanwhile, Supriyo took care of the admission formalities.

Mrs. Sengupta’s condition gradually got better and she was no longer under the threat of any complications. As her immediate family members were indisposed, Supriyo stayed there until the emergency subsided. He returned home in the evening, ensuring that the patient was doing better.

Mrs. Sengupta is in a much healthier condition now.

Emergency Support at TriBeCa Care

We, at TriBeCa Care, are well equipped to handle similar cases of a medical emergency. Not only that, members who live alone are provided with SOS-enabled phones that can connect to our enhanced emergency support with just one click on the phone. The emergency team has minimal response time, during which professionals reach out to the patients, and assess their situation to provide them with the necessary help required.

The 24*7 emergency support also includes services like admission assistance. The formalities of getting admission are hectic and can be immensely stressful for the patient’s family during a medical emergency. Our Care Managers ensure that the patient and the family are spared from this added stress, and coordinate the patient’s hospital stay.

We also have a network of ambulance services at our disposal, to ensure that you get immediate assistance with transportation in almost no time in cases of a medical emergency TriBeCa Care is just one phone call away.

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