Health Emergencies for Senior Citizens– Tips to Stay Prepared

Although studies indicate that most seniors are healthy and function at high levels, health complications related to their independence, inevitably surface as they grow older.  Age-related changes can affect the function of almost every body system, sometimes even in the healthiest of older people.  And often these age-related changes are accompanied by other chronic illnesses like diabetes or heart diseases. While the management of such conditions involves medication prescribed for regular use to relieve symptoms and improve the quality of life, they are usually not without risk.

A major concern for senior citizens living alone is coping with medical emergencies at home. Being prepared for emergencies helps keep an elderly loved one ready, should a disaster occur. Eldercare often requires a multi-disciplinary approach that encompasses various aspects of a senior citizen such as healthcare, activities of daily living, emotional well-being, etc. It is said that “The likelihood of recovering from an emergency tomorrow often depends on the planning and preparation done today.”  However, health emergencies with elders can often become complicated by the number of medications, doctors, and degree of illnesses involved.

Having a proactive plan in case of an emergency can greatly help reduce the emergency response time, facilitate immediate professional treatment, and of course ensure better health outcomes. It only takes a few seconds for a medical condition to go from bad to worse – and this is why ensuring an immediate response is something seniors should keep in mind prior to experiencing a medical emergency. Taking proactive steps today can help reduce the time of an emergency medical response tomorrow. Here are a few tips that can help:

  • Medical alert device- When it comes to medical response times, every second counts. It may be prudent to consider a medical device that can alert medical personnel in the event of an emergency. These devices enable quicker emergency assistance and can be worn on the body for easy access.
  • Ensure all your health information is handy- Keep all important medical information about health conditions, allergies, or medical devices like pacemakers, etc., readily available. Make copies and store them in easy-to-access areas.
  • Keep a list of your prescribed medications – Keep a record of each drug along with the right dosage in a place that’s easy to locate.  This enables emergency responders to administer necessary medications in time.
  • Support network – It is recommended that senior citizens develop a well-connected support network of trusted individuals who regularly check and provide help.

Often, people underestimate how important an urgent response can be when facing life-threatening emergencies. Having a professional home care provider is a good idea for being prepared for almost any situation.

Handling Emergencies with Tribeca Care

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Besides offering excellent home health care in IndiaTribeca care offers 24/7 Emergency Response for elderly members. These are excellent home-based emergency services that are a dependable alternative to family members who are concerned about their loved ones handling an emergency on their own.

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