Healthcare in Bhubaneswar

Bhubaneswar has seen rapid growth in the past few years. While the capital city of Odisha has witnessed the emergence of new technology and IT services, the healthcare sector is still primal. With the rapid rise in the senior population across the city, it is time that healthcare services also see a new light.

According to the survey conducted by the Federation of Senior Citizens Association, the state capital has around 1.2 lakh senior citizens. Most of the elders falling in this age bracket are above 60 years of age and living alone. When elderlies are staying alone, they need extra care. They need someone to monitor their health and mental well-being.

All the statistics mentioned above make us realize that there is an urgent requirement for eldercare in Bhubaneswar.

Why Healthcare in Bhubaneswar is Paramount?

Bhubaneswar being the largest city in Odisha expected to have the best healthcare service, especially for the elderly because population aging is an inevitable situation and healthcare is of utmost importance.

Looking at the demographic transition, our country has more than 105 million older adults population; Odisha alone has more than 9.5% of seniors living alone.

As the state is witnessing a quick surge in elderly demographics, it’s time that the healthcare sector also raises the bar. Senior citizens nowadays also experience anxiety, stress, and insecurity, which lead to worsening of health both physically and mentally. Starting from daily activities like bathing, and walking to keeping a tab on their health, older adults require help throughout the day.

It is true that the COVID-19 wave has already caused a bounty of trauma to seniors. The social distancing norms to self-isolation all can be a little tough for older adults. Thus, to help them in every walk of life, Tribeca Care is a great solution.

How Can Tribeca Care Help Seniors?

There are very few organizations in and around Bhubaneswar that are proficient in eldercare. Although many of them are good enough in taking care of seniors, none provide homecare. Tribeca Care is an eldercare platform that aids seniors in all possible ways.


Ever since the breakout of the pandemic, the initiatives launched by Tribeca have already touched the lives of many. From services like an emergency hospitalizationCOVID-19 care at homeremote COVID-19 caretelemedicine, and counseling, Tribeca Care is always a step ahead.

Below are some updated statistics of emergencies and patients Tribeca Care dealt with recently:

Tribeca Care has reached more than 50,000 seniors now. The platform has managed to provide services to about 20,000 elders.

The organization has over 5000+ emergency hospitalizations that have been carried out since 2015.

Even during this COVID-19 pandemic, the organization has done over 100+ consultations. Tribeca Care also has to its credit over 6 million hours of home care.

Elder care at its best

With such a varied number of services, Tribeca Care will bring a huge change in healthcare in Bhubaneswar. Elderlies have seen a lot of stress, struggle, and trauma in their lives- let us try to make their golden phase of life smoother and less painstaking.