How 24/7 emergency support brings peace-of-mind?

An emergency does not happen every day.

It may never even happen. Or it may happen once in several years. But when our loved ones live far away from us, and they are in the advancing years’ group, living alone, and we are thinking of them several times a day, then an emergency happens only too often, within the confines of our minds. We fear the worst, and in the fertile grounds of our fearful minds, in our imagination, the kinds of emergencies that take place can petrify most of us. When our elders live in a distant place, while we reside where our work requires us to stay, there isn’t a single person alive who has not felt this terror of ‘What if …!’.

That’s when the thoughts run wild and we break out in a cold sweat. And that’s when the friendly hand is most needed—an assured 24/7 emergency support plan. Any such support plan will come with a few standard services such as a 24/7 helpline system where one can reach out any time of the day or night, an ambulance service, hospital admissions, helping with hospital stay and even providing post-hospitalization care at home. In an ideal situation, we would like to have at hand such a service for our loved ones, perhaps parents, perhaps a favorite uncle or aunt, or even an elderly friend who lives alone.

But for that, we also need to be proactive, think and plan ahead, locate such a good Samaritan well in advance—before a critical emergency creeps up on us—and sign up for their services. At TriBeCa Care, we are always at hand, for those of you who are plagued by worries about elderly loved ones living alone. Our emergency care services are available 24/7 and are quite comprehensive. From home to hospital and back, we take care of everything until the nearest kith and kin arrive, and even after that, we are there to help with nursing care to ICU setup at home. We understand and preempt your needs at a time when the mind is dazed from the shock of an emergency situation when even your familiar city begins to feel like a strange land and you get all worked up with anxiety and worry.

Friends, neighbors, and relatives, are all there, but then there are those times when you feel all alone when you wonder who you can rely on in case of an emergency in your hometown, when your parents may need help and urgent medical attention. We all understand the critical role of timely action in case of an emergency and that is precisely what TriBeCa Care prides itself in providing. We have helplines open 24/7 and we can be at the doorstep with ambulances and rush someone to a hospital in the fastest possible time.

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You can rely on TriBeCa Care to be by your side in these trying times.